Misti Sock ~ Semi-Solids

Misti Sock ~ Semi-Solids
Misti Alpaca sock in Cerise and Birds in Paradise
Misti Alpaca Sock in Cerise and Birds in Paradise

We’ve carried Peace Love Misti Alpaca Hand Paint Sock yarns for a while. They have great colour striping combinations.

One of my favourite pairs of socks is knit in this yarn. It’s just a simple slip stitch pattern but it looks so effective in any heavily variegated yarn. (It was originally written for one of Madelinetosh’s more stripy yarns. The pattern is called Slippery Sock). The Alpaca makes them my warmest pair of socks. They are also incredibly hard wearing,  although they are strictly hand-wash only.

Misti Hand paint sock in Manu colour 18

New to Loop though, is the semi-solid variation of this yarn, Misti Alpaca Tonas Carnival. We thought it would be great to be use them together, as toe and heel co-ordinates in socks, or in striping shawls.

If it drives you nuts that your self-striping yarn changes its stripe width (this was a topic of last Thursday Knit Night’s conversation) when you work a set in heel, their are two main solutions. One is simply to work an afterthought heel. The other is to use a contrasting colour for your toes and heels. The latter also gives you an opportunity to work some nylon into these high stress areas. I love the look of contrasting toes and heels and often make them for that reason alone.

Misti Sock in Rosemary Green and Tree Frog

Susan is making a new version of Andrea’s Shawl (one of her favourite patterns) using a combination of the stripy and semi-solid yarn. They would also look good together in one of Stephen West’s striped shawls.  In fact,  I think I even threw a bit of my leftover sock yarn into my Daybreak shawl.

Misti Sock in Miriam and Desert Sunset.


Misti Sock in Northern Lights and Surf Blue

Enjoy ~ Juju at Loop

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  1. Really beautiful yarns! I really like the blue and the green one and I have like the multicolored first one it look so pretty :)

  2. This year is so beautiful. I live in USA. How can I purchase this yarn. What would be price in US dollars and how much would shipping be?
    Thank you.

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