Old Maiden Aunt Fresh In Stock

Old Maiden Aunt Fresh In Stock

These are the much loved Ysolda Teague, Veyla mitts from Whimsical Little Knits Two. They are a great way to use-up left-over yarn, as they only take between 10-20g of yarn to complete. I made this pair before Christmas with some left over Old Maiden Aunt yarn in Dreich colour. I used vintage crystal buttons to finish the cuff. They were so pretty.

We just got a fresh delivery of Old Maiden Aunt Yarns and this batch is really lovely!

I’ve seen Veyla made up successfully, in all sorts of yarns. I really admired a pair by one of our knit night knitters, that were made in Juno Sock. If I have any yarn left over from my Juno shawl, I will be making these again.

5 Comments on “Old Maiden Aunt Fresh In Stock

  1. I came across your website tonight and absolutely love it! And particularly am smitten with Old Maiden Aunt yarn. Where can I buy it in the states? And I would love to have the Ysolda Teague,Veyla mitts pattern, but when I tried to click on it I got an errata message. Do you suppose you could help me with that? Those a really gorgeous mitts!

    I don’t know if I’ll ever get to London to actually visit your shop, but I certainly love visiting it across the miles via the internet! I’m sure it is delightful!

    Lois A. Bross
    Brookfield, Wisconsin

    • I’ve fixed the Veyla link. You can buy the pattern book and Old Maiden Aunt Yarn from us. We ship everywhere in the world. The yarn isn’t available at any other retailer.

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