Sajou from France! And Wollmeise update

Sajou from France! And Wollmeise update

We are now stocking some special products from Sajou in France. We went nuts when we saw how beautifully designed and presented their products were and choose some for our shop.

We have beautiful sewing kits, scissors, tape measures, pin cushions and darning threads. I don’t yet own a pair of their scissors but I will be adding the tortoiseshell ones above to my birthday wish list (in March, in case you are wondering).

I’m especially delighted with the darning threads because they are 50% wool and 50% nylon and very fine. This makes them perfect for carrying along with your 100% wool sock yarns, to strengthen heels and toes. They come in enough colours that you will find one suitable no matter what yarn you are using. Of course they are also handy for darning those nasty moth holes! Darn it! (get-it?)

Our new shipment of Wollmeise will be hitting the shelves on Saturday. As usual, it will be popular. You can read which colours we will have in stock and more details on our Ravelry thread.

See you soon. ~ Juju at Loop

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