Orkney Angora


We have recently added  another great British yarn to our shop collection. Beautiful, super-soft and light Orkney Angora – St Magnus. This is a delicious DK blend of 50% lambswool and 50% grade 1 Angora. Stunning! It has the lovely soft halo of Angora but is easier to work with, and has less shedding in this blend.


We have 24 vivid colours, which appear mostly solid with just the slightest hint of variegation.


The sample above is worked in the Angora alone, in colour “Light Bottle”. This would make beautiful baby items. Imagine Jared Flood’s  Wool Leaves Baby Blanket worked all in this yarn. Super simple knitting, and it would be so special.

wool leaves

I really enjoyed sampling the Orkney with other yarns. I like the idea of a crisp rustic yarn, such as Spindrift, with the soft halo of the Angora.

shetlandThe sample on the left is “Mooskit/White” Jamiesons Spindrift with small purl bumps of the Angora. The sample on the right is “Green Mist” Spindrift worked in a variation of the Old Shale Shetland Lace pattern with the Angora. This would be a great way to bring texture and a brighter colour palette into a traditional Hap shawl such as the Hansel Wrap  by Shetland Trader.


Or for a more modern look, try The Yarniad’s,  The Glacerie Shawl.

Glacerie Shawl


Below is another fun sample of the Spindrift with purl bumps of Angora. I LOVE these yarns together! Did I mention that?


I also experimented with pairing the Uncommon Thread BFL Sport with the Orkney. The gently variegated dying of the Uncommon thread and the many wonderful greys look great paired with the vivid jewel tones of the Angora. Below is Uncommon Thread BFL Sport in “Plata”.


This would make a soft and cosy version of Brooklyn  Tweed’s  Breton Pullover.


Or just a simple scarf. If you changed either colour into garter stitch you would have a simple non-curling scarf.

This yarn is definitely going to find its way into some of my winter projects. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


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