Yarn Buying in Ohio

New yarn coming to Loop
New yarn coming to Loop

Here at Loop, we are always looking for the newest and best knitting and crochet products for our customers. We attend many trade fairs in England, Europe and America to seek out those special items.

We have just come back from our annual trip to the NeedleArts Trade Show in Columbus, Ohio. We attend this show every year to find new yarns and products for the shop. As far as we know, we are the only UK retailer at the show. We ran into a shop owner all the way from Queensland, Australia, but no one from the UK.

This year was a little different because we also had a small stand to promote our book, “Juju’s Loops” and our Loop patterns. It was nice to get to talk to admirers from abroad as well as the other designers in the stands next to us.

There’s something for every taste at this show. If you like your yarn covered in sequins and crystals, you’ll find plenty here. Lots of hand-dyers too. Neons and brights are still big news in the knitting world.

However, speaking to designers and other shop owners in big cities, I would say there is a move away from heavily variegated yarns. Also, a number of designers, who previously only designed sweaters with seams, are moving into the top-down seamless styles, including Norah Gaughan.

We have found some exciting new products which will come into the shop over the next few months. You may be able to spot some of them in the gallery of photos I’ve put together. We will let you know when they arrive. -Juju at Loop


5 Comments on “Yarn Buying in Ohio

  1. Gorgeous! I’m sooooo jealous. I was born and grew up near Columbus (now live in Ireland) and would have reveled in the yarny goodness you enjoyed. Look forward to the lovely products you brought home with you.

  2. Am I correct that the photograph labeled “Swoon” is a new pattern that has not been put in stock yet? It is absolutely lovely and definitely want to purchase the pattern.

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