A lot of you are already ‘popping’ but we thought we’d go ahead and share the fabulous new pattern by Juju Vail for Loop here on the blog!

New to lace shawl knitting? For those of us already addicted, it seems hard to believe that there is anyone who hasn’t already knit one . (Oh okay, maybe not Sarah Lund, She’s too busy solving murders and wearing proper sweaters.) However, we at Loop know that there are new knitters learning all the time. New Knitters who don’t want an overwhelming project. Shawls are perfect.

Simple ripple scarf using two skeins of Koigu

Hi folks, This isn’t a new pattern, but an update the simple ripple scarf we posted a couple of years ago. This is a simple non-lacy ripple scarf pattern that can be made from two skeins of Koigu  KPPPM yarn. The scarf above is made with just one skein each of Koigu KPPPM 100 and KPPPM 214 which are alternated every second row. The scarf can be made wider and longer but you will need more yarn. You can find the pattern here Ripple Scarf Pattern. Loop, London N.B. This pattern has now been updated again July 2015, in conjunction with the release …

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