Squeals of Knitterly Delight!

Squeals of Knitterly Delight!
Sarah Tweed

I’m having trouble taking pictures, quickly enough, of all our new yarns! Last week this Sarah Tweed from BC Garn came in. Squeals of happy-knitter delight all down Camden Passage.

It’s made up of 50% mulberry silk (which takes dye colour beautifully), 10% silk nubs (natures own nupps), and 40% wool. It has a lovely texture, unlike any yarn I’ve seen before. I’m knitting a shawl from it, for my Loop book (more of that in a future post).

When I’m finished the Loop book, I’m going to do some selfish knitting and I’m going to finally have a Layering Shrug for myself! This would be the perfect yarn to choose in a plainer, more neutral colour, like charcoal grey, since the yarn has so much interest of its own. I think I will make my Layering shrug in two shades of grey Sarah Tweed. It’s lovely to see so many wonderful versions of the pattern on Ravelry.

Layering Shrug in BC Garn Allino

The other big yarn news, is that we are now stocking Quince & Co yarn. Really lovely! We’ve knit lots of samples, to show it off. I’m going in early tomorrow to take as many pictures as I can of it. I expect all the stock to be up on our website by later this week. I promise to share pictures here on Monday.

Happy knitting for now! ~ Juju at Loop

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