The Perfect Finch Shawl

The Perfect Finch Shawl

Just after my last post, Paulina came into the shop with this fabulous Cameo shawl made in Finch.

Paulina has been a regular customer for years, and we were delighted when she started designing and publishing her own patterns. We asked her to use Finch for her most recent design, and this asymmetrical striped shawl is what she came up with.

We found there were lots of ways of styling it and playing with the stripes. We loved it with Lydia’s grey Kidsilk cardi. (She used the yarn doubled to knit this simple cropped cardigan.)

The printed pattern of Cameo is now available to purchaseĀ from our online shop .

~Juju at Loop



14 Comments on “The Perfect Finch Shawl

  1. oh. I am in love with the grey in grey combo. The lovely cardigan and the wonderful shawl. Any plans for also publishing the cardigan pattern? I will immediately snag the shawl pattern…..

  2. I would love the shawl pattern too. Any chance of getting it in the USA? Did it ever get published? Thanks.

  3. I bought the beautiful perfect finch shawl pattern on a recent trip to London–any way to get a pattern for the lovely little kidsilkhaze cardi worn underneath the photo of the shawl?

  4. I would love both patterns: cardigan and shawl. I have access to Quince & Co locally (in the USA) but I would love the patterns for both should they become available. Cheers, Jeanne Cronin, Cambridge MA

  5. The “kidsilk” cardi!!!!! Whoa. Please PLease may we have the pattern made available. Yummmmmm!

    (PS … yes the shawl also rocks!)

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