Welcoming the Wonderful ‘Anemone Shawl’ to Loop!

Welcoming the Wonderful ‘Anemone Shawl’ to Loop!

Here at Loop we love nothing more than celebrating the wonderful work of artists and designers who inspire us all, so we are over the moon to launch Dee Hardwicke’s Anemone Shawl using John Arbon Textiles yarn.

Hand-stitched and -written tag for the Anemone Shawl Kit

Dee Hardwicke’s gorgeous Anemone Shawl design using Appledore yarn by John Arbon Textiles gives life to so many of our passions. The attention to detail here is really remarkable. From the watercolour that inspired the pattern to the individually hand-stitched tags that adorn each Anemone Shawl Kit, every stage of the design process has been attended with care.

Dee Hardwicke modelling the Anemone Shawl

We are totally in awe of Dee Hardwicke’s approach to design. She says she has always responded to the world in a creative way, and that nature has been central to that creativity. “Some of my earliest memories include gathering twigs, grasses, and vines from the garden and weaving them into little baskets, pots, and boats”, she explains.

Today she lives and works in the Welsh countryside. Dramatic mountains, ancient woodlands, and gorgeous cottage gardens provide plenty of fodder for her creative endeavours, while the curated space of her studio acts as an ever-changing mood-board of balls of yarn, knitted swatches, botanical watercolours, and flower-filled vases. Her work table is a vintage brioche-making table and she likes to think her work is in conversation with those through the years who have also worked with their hands around the same table.

The yarns from John Arbon Textiles share a similar relationship to traditional practices and the land. Based in North Devon in the South West of England, the team draws inspiration for their yarns—which are hand-spun on restored vintage machines from locally sourced wool—from the Exmoor landscapes surrounding the studio. Appledore (which Loop does not normally stock, so it’s only available as part of the kit) is a blend of three West Country wools and each colour is a blend of multiple shades, adding a depth and richness of hue to the bouncy, lustrous fibre.

Dee says she was drawn to the Anemone as a source of inspiration because of how the flower lifts her mood. She says, “There’s something so incredibly joyful and optimistic about the way the delicate, painterly petals contrast with the bold centres that I knew an anemone design would be the perfect project to begin 2022.” The project came to life when she saw the Appledore range, whose shades bring an earthy, vintage feel to the modern design of the Anemone Shawl and allow the knitter to play with palette to customise the feel of the piece—from bold and modern to classic and romantic.

Limited edition cotton bag featuring Dee Hardwicke’s original artwork that inspired the Anemone Shawl

We are so excited to bring you this truly special kit. Each Anemone Shawl Kit contains enough John Arbon Textiles Appledore yarn to complete a shawl, a printed pattern, a hand-stitched and written tag, and a bespoke cotton project bag bearing the original watercolour that inspired the Anemone design. The limited edition Loop Anemone Bag is also available for purchase on its own in our shop in London and online.

The complete Anemone Shawl Kit

Bespoke Stitched Map Masterclass

One of Ekta Kaul’s bespoke stitched maps

Award-winning textile artist Ekta Kaul is returning to Loop (well, virtually anyway) to host a Stitched Map Masterclass via Zoom on the 26th and 27th of February. Throughout the weekend, participants will learn to hand-embroider unique maps of a place that is personally important, whether that’s home, a favourite holiday destination, or a place that only exists in your imagination! You will learn to develop a drawing of the map, transfer your drawing on to fabric, and use a variety of stitches to embroider your map. Ekta will demonstrate the stitches and other processes as well as offering inspiration and feedback. Hope to see you there!

Beautiful Buttons

We have two new lovely pieces of haberdashery in the shop that are the perfect finishing touches for whatever you’re working on. Pretty Bird Buttons display a motif of flowers and leaves around a yellow bird on a light background while Dandelion Buttons contrast the brightness of the dandelion flower with a dark background. Both buttons are from Germany.

Special Deliveries

CaMaRose yarns at Loop London

We’ve had delightful deliveries from CaMaRose and Lichen and Lace! We love beautiful CaMaRose yarns from Denmark and we’re all stocked up on super-soft Snefnug (snowflake), rustic Lama, squishable Yaku, light and airy Midnattsol, and beautifully flecked Lama Tweed. Gorgeously hand-dyed Sock Minis and and 1-Ply Merino Fingering from Lichen and Lace are perfect for socks and accessories. We can’t wait to see what you make!

Wishing you an inspired weekend!

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