Mette Mehlsen’s New ‘Zinnia’ Scarf Is in Bloom at Loop!

Mette Mehlsen’s New ‘Zinnia’ Scarf Is in Bloom at Loop!

Textile artist and natural dyer Mette Mehlsen has designed a brand new scarf just for Loop, and the kit is available now!

The Zinnia Scarf uses Mette Mehlsen’s exquisite Plant Dyed by Mehlsen wool to create an intricate but infinitely wearable garment. Like Mette’s Flower Power and Wildwood designs for Loop, Zinnia uses a beautiful array of colours in varied combinations to stunning effect.

Mette learned to knit before she could even read or write, and the depth of her knowledge of craft—from knit and crochet to historical materials and natural dyeing—is evident in this gorgeous design. A long-time Loop collaborator, we are always happy to have one of Mette’s creations in the shop and on our hooks!

Each Zinnia Scarf square uses five colours, with the combination for each one up to the creator, making each scarf one-of-a-kind. The scarf’s modular construction allows the crocheter to easily adjust the width, length, and overall size by adding, subtracting, or changing the arrangement of the delicate squares.

Each Zinnia Scarf Kit contains 24 bundles of Plant Dyed by Mehlsen, enough to make 104 squares. Those wishing to make a larger piece could purchase additional bundles à la carte through Loop. The kit also contains the Zinnia pattern (written in UK terminology) and a Loop cotton shopper bag.

LYKKE Wooden Ball Winders

We all know how much time and effort is saved using a wool winder. Lykke thinks these functional tools can also be beautiful, and their Wooden Ball Winders are truly a joy to use. The quality, look, and feel of these winders are wonderful, and they are easy to assemble and use. The simple-to-assemble winder comes with a cotton storage bag and the table clamps have pads to keep from damaging the surface of your table. It is available in two colours, Indian Rosewood and Mango Wood. Because of the weight of the Rosewood version, it is only available for local pickup. However, if you call we may be able to arrange courier delivery.

LYKKE Wooden Umbrella Swifts 

There is nothing like an umbrella swift to make the job of winding a hank of yarn a breeze, and Lykke’s Wooden Umbrella Swifts are designed to match the lovely ball winders. These are crafted using the same high-quality wood and come with a cloth bag for storage as well as two pins for securing the swift.

5-inch Lykke Cypra Copper Interchangeable Needle Set

It’s a real Lykke week here at Loop, and to complete the trifecta we’re excited to say that the 5-inch Lykke Cypra Copper Interchangeable Needle Set is now available! A few weeks ago we announced the arrival of 3.5-inch version of this set. Now we’re excited to offer the 5-inch version as well! Copper is a great material for knitting needles. Its natural antibacterial and health qualities as well as the patina it acquires over time makes for a functional and beautiful set of tools. The set includes 13 sizes of interchangeable needle tips, as well as a total of six cords in three lengths (24in/60cm, 32in/80cm, 40in/100cm), two connectors, four keys, and eight stoppers all wrapped in a vegan suede pouch.

Shop Information

We are so excited to be open again! We can’t wait to see you all! When visiting us, we respectfully ask you to wear a mask, if you are able, to keep each other safe. We want everyone, as much as possible, to feel confident and safe while visiting Loop. Some people, including some of our staff, are immunocompromised, and we feel wearing a mask is a small ask to make sure we’re protecting them. We thank you in advance for your kindness and understanding.

We are open Wednesday-Saturday 11:30-5:30 and Sunday noon-5.

New Website

Thanks so much to all of you who have already re-activated your online Loop accounts and claimed your 50 bonus Loop Love Points! Shipping to the EU is now a breeze, with VAT included on orders up to €150! Don’t forget to use the code WELCOME10 at checkout on your first order from the new website for 10% off. This code expires at the end of February! Browse to see what else is new at

Craft well!

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