A fabulous Loop Mystery Christmas Box for Charity!

A fabulous Loop Mystery Christmas Box for Charity!

** Update: we’re very pleased to confirm that Clare Owen is now the proud owner of the Mystery Christmas Box. We matched her winning bid of £550 on Instagram to donate a total of £1100 to Médecins Sans Frontières. Thank you so much to everyone who bid on the box for such a good cause!

With so much happening in the world today and with the holidays ahead, we’ve been thinking even more than usual about how we can give back. So as a treat for you — and most importantly to support a really fantastic organisation — we’ve put together a very special Loop Mystery Christmas Box and we’re auctioning it off for charity. You can bid on it below!

We’ve specially selected the fabulous treats inside this mystery box and it’s a real wonder. Not only are there some fabulous crafting things inside it, all the proceeds from the auction plus a matching donation from us will go to Médecins Sans Frontières, aka Doctors Without Borders. This is an incredible organization made up of committed professionals who are risking their lives in dangerous situations all over the world to keep people safe. We have so much love and respect for the vital work they do.

The textile treasures this mystery box contains include yarns, ribbon, buttons, beautiful scissors, tote bags, handmade things, embroidery threads, and a few things that have been made especially for Loop! The image above is just a little sneak preview of some of the items that could be in our Mystery Box. With over 25 beautiful things in the box, there will be way more treats for the winner to discover! It’s a box full of textile and crafting treasure and we have had so much for making this up for the Winter holidays. Whether you want to keep the box for yourself, give it as a gift, or divvy up all the goodies inside to stuff the stockings of your favourite crafters, these treats are sure to be appreciated. Even the box itself is reusable and would be an ideal simple wrapping solution this season.

Here’s all the important info about bidding on the box: The auction will run from 8am UK time on Friday 10 November to 11pm UK time on Sunday 12 November. Bidding starts at £100 and you can bid either by entering a comment below or by commenting on the post about the Loop Mystery Christmas Box on Instagram. You are very welcome to bid more than once, we just ask that on Instagram you make sure you’re adding a new comment rather than responding to a previous one, just so everyone can keep track of the latest bid. You can bid both here on the blog as well as over on Instagram. We will double the winning amount and send this to Médecins Sans Frontières. The highest bidder will be notified that they’ve won and then sent a link to pay. Please complete the payment within a week. If you win and are not able to pick the box up from Loop we will happily cover shipping the box to you either within the UK or overseas.

Happy bidding!

Velvet Merino Flowers Shawl

The latest arrival from Sophie Digard is the Velvet Merino Flowers Shawl in Sapphire, Skylight, and Oro

More beauty from Sophie Digard! The Velvet Merino Flowers Shawl is the latest amazing creation by this incredible textile artist. Sophie’s creations never fail to stun and they always find wonderful homes with Loop customers. Crochet, embroidery, and cut velvet come together to make the perfect little flower motifs that adorn each side of this incredible piece. The base of the shawl is unbelievably delicate, lightweight voile and the threads used here are hand dyed using natural dyes. This piece is really just impeccable and will fig your wardrobe so well you won’t remember a time when you didn’t have it.

Laine Magazine Preorder

It’s that time again! Time to preorder the next issue of Laine Magazine. This issue celebrates the meditative nature of crafts — something we’re all thinking about as winter draws in and the world seems to quiet down a bit. There are 11 knitting patterns in this issue, plus profiles and articles about craft the world over. We’re excited that this issue features an interview with friend of Loop Tomomi Mimura, who uses basic darning stitches to embroider charming animal characters. Check out her book and embroidery kits at Loop! We’re also excited that two of the patterns in this issue use some of our favourite yarns. The Kettle Cove vest by Jennifer Brou uses De Rerum Natura Gilliat (sample uses Argile, Creme Anglaise, and Genet, all of which will soon be back in stock) and the Plumette sweater by Marie Régnier uses Ito Sensai (sample in Bordeaux). These look like such fun, relaxing knits!

New Sashiko Kit from NONA

New NONA Sashiko kits contain gorgeous mending materials

Calling all menders and aspiring menders! We’ve got a fantastic kit from NONA that will make your Sashiko stitching a breeze! These perfect little Sashiko Kits have all you need to get mending, including eight sheets of Sashiko cloth with a 5 x 5 mm grid to guide your stitching, a total of 20 m of NONA thread in four different colours, a Sashiko needle, double-sided tape, and nine Sashiko patterns. The comfortable cotton cloth is perfect for stitching on where there are holes and are washable. If you ever wanted to try out Sashiko stitching, this is the perfect way to get started. Please note the stitched swatches shown in the images are not included in the kits. All the fabric swatches in the kits will arrive un-stitched so you can have a go on your own.

Darning Brooches by Hikaru Noguchi

We’re so in love with Hikaru Noguchi’s new book Darning Brooches. From the queen of darning tools comes this fantastic manual on embellishing and preserving your very favourite fabrics — maybe your child’s baby clothes or your favourite top that shrank in the wash. The book covers both the basics of darning and the methods for making brooches. The best part is there are no special materials or tools needed for this technique. You can use things you already have around the house like favourite fabrics and regular sewing thread to make a really special and meaningful piece.

New Folk Leaf Buttons

Folk Leaf Buttons come in two sizes and seven colours

Finally, we’re loving our new Folk Leaf Buttons. These handcrafted buttons are made in Denmark and come in seven colours and two sizes — 18mm and 25mm. The etched leaf motif creates the perfect accent to any project without being overpowering and the leaf motif somehow has a feeling of autumn, winter, spring, and summer all at the same time.

And lastly, a reminder that we are not able to combine online orders at this time of year. We thank you for your understanding.

Don’t forget to bid on the Loop Mystery Christmas Box in the comments below or on Instagram starting at 8am on Friday the 10th! Let’s do some good together.

Have a lovely weekend.

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