Kits, Knits, New Stitches, and More This Week from Loop!

Kits, Knits, New Stitches, and More This Week from Loop!

We absolutely love this time of year. Sparkly lights, special occasions, and so much festive joy being shared between friends, loved ones, and even strangers. But if there’s anything we don’t love about this time of year it’s the mile-long to do list we seem to carry around wherever we go.

That’s why this is the perfect time of year for kits. When you have the exact amount of yarn you need in bespoke colour pairings, all you have to do is get crafting. And some of our all-time favourites are in the shop and ready to go!

First of all, we’ve got tons of gorgeous stock of our Tiny Tassels Kits! This one is a real favourite among Loopettes and our lovely customers alike and right now we have Tiny Tassels Kits in all the La Bien Aimée Cashmerino colours plus the Soft Grey and Fizz-Wizz colourways of the kit in Qing yarns. This is one of our all-time favourite patterns, which is why we keep coming back to it again and again and dreaming up different yarn combinations. If you’re dreaming up your own fabulous combination (or if you’re looking to bust your stash) we’re happy to consult on yarn options that aren’t in our kit as well, and of course the Tiny Tassels Pattern is available for free!

Another amazing shawlette that we love is the Leroy Street Stoop Scarf Kit. Kirsten Kapur’s design is stunning in Myak Baby Yak Lace and Ra-Ku Cashmere Lace. The long narrow body with a subtly curved edge is perfect for wrapping around your neck a few times in the winter or wearing loosely around your shoulders in the warmer months. The kit includes all the yarn you’ll need, a Loop project bag, and a PDF download of the pattern.

Mette Mehlsen’s kits are always show-stopping projects and right now we have her Flower Power Scarf Kit in stock in our newest colour, Art Nouveau. This kit comes with the most gorgeous super fine plant-dyed wool. The crocheted granny squares that make up this scarf have flowers in a few different colours, meaning that when you stitch them together you have a totally unique scarf. We also have a couple of Mehlsen Geranium Scarf Kits, a knit shawlette, in the Brown colourway.

If you have a bit of time to wait, we’re so excited to be bringing you the Artus Shawl Kit, which is currently available as a preorder and should ship on 12 December. This is a really stunning shawl that has real heft and substance, and it’s stylish to boot. We love the mosaic border and the rich colours of this tapestry-like shawl knit in Lichen + Lace Rustic Heather Sport, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

Fans of Florence Spurling will be glad to know we’re hard at work putting together kits for the Scout Shawl and Scout Mini Shawl in both Florence’s original colourway and our Wes Anderson-inspired one. We know a lot of you have been waiting for this one, so thank you for your patience! These should be in stock early next week.

What’s better than a cosy pair of mittens this time of year? Warm hands while you’re out and about make all the difference, and a fuzzy pair of mittens spark so much joy this time of year. We have three phenomenal options for mittens, the Loop Pinwheel Mitts Kit, the Late Bloomer Mittens Kit, and the Loop Stella Mitts Kit. The Pinwheel mitts are a classic that are super great for mild weather or for keeping your hands warm in a chilly working space (even while you’re knitting!) And the Late Bloomer Mittens and Stella Mitts are the super fluffy accoutrements of your dreams. Whether you want to make these mittens to bring along with you on holiday shopping trips or to give as a gift at Christmas, they’re simply perfect.

CaMaRose Snow Mittens — how sweet!

And very very soon we’re going to have the new CaMaRose Snow Mittens pattern. This new mitten design is to die for and we have so much CaMaRose Snefnug in stock this is the perfect time to start thinking about what colour (or colours!) you might want to make.

Japanese Knitting Stitches by Keiko Okamoto

Keiko Okamoto’s book on Japanese Knitting Stitches tells you how to make amazing patterns and stitch motifs

A new Japanese knitting book has just arrived with the most fabulous patterns and stitch motifs. Keiko Okamoto is world renowned for her incredible stitch work, which uses colour and texture to create incredible garments with intricate details. Japanese Knitting Stitches is a great book for those new to Japanese knitting and veterans alike. An introduction by Japanese knitting expert Gayle Roehm explains all you need to know about following Japanese-style knitting charts. With 150 stitch patterns and full knit and crochet projects to help you put them to use, this is a valuable addition to any stitcher’s library that you’ll find yourself returning to again and again.

Orkney Angora Bouclé

This beautiful bouclé comes to us all the way from one of the most northerly isles in the Orkney Island, the Isle of Sanday. The family team behind Orkney Angora makes delightfully soft yarns and we’re so happy to add this one to our collection. Orkney Angora Bouclé is a magical mix of warm and lightweight. The blend is of Angora Goat and Wool and they’ve created a palette of colours that are bespoke for Loop. It’s a delight to knit and absolutely perfect for chilly winter months when you want to feel toasty but not weighed down. Best of all, the colours in this palette have been dyed just for Loop and they’re absolutely gorgeous — lush, bright, and super happy.

New Buttons

Lovely Candy Buttons and Wood Folk Flower Buttons join the ranks of our fabulous haberdashery collection this week. The finishing touches of a project are always so fun to think about. Such a little thing can have such a big impact on making a project feel really polished and professional, and it’s a total blast to experiment with different kinds of looks and feels. We love these two new arrivals this week because they’re both so lovely and they each would put such a different spin on the look of your knit. We’re especially chuffed with the colours of the Candy Buttons, which have been created just for Loop. Wouldn’t they be darling with the Orkney Angora Bouclé? Whether you want to colour match or contrast there are so many cute options!

Thank to to everyone who placed a bid for our Mystery Box last weekend. The highest bid wound up being £550, so we donated £1,100 to Médecins Sans Frontières. Huge thanks to everyone!

Happy weekend!

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