Autumn Publications and Knitwear Gems

Autumn Publications and Knitwear Gems

If you’ve ever been to Loop and browsed through our charming shop, joined our vibrant Instagram community, or have been an avid reader of our blog, you’re well aware of our enduring passion for print publications. Amid our diverse magazine collection, a select few always manage to captivate us, leaving us eagerly awaiting each new release. We’re thrilled to share some of our favourites this week. First up is Laine Magazine’s latest issue, a perennial source of beauty and inspiration, and it couldn’t have come at a more perfect time as we transition into the cosy embrace of Autumn and Winter. Then there’s Life in the Long Grass Issue 7, a publication by Life in the Long Grass Yarns that never fails to dazzle, much like their exquisite hand-dyed yarns. Lastly, we have MDK Field Guide -Botanica, the gem that occasionally lands on our shores from Nashville USA. It’s infrequent appearances make each encounter a special treat and we can’t wait to see what’s in store this issue.

Laine Magazine Issue 18

Let’s start by delving into Laine’s latest offering launching today, a magazine that’s always inspired, especially as we gear up for the Autumn and Winter. In Laine 18 (Weekend Getaway), the versatile and comfortable knits are suited for indoors and outdoors and are the perfect addition to your wardrobe as the days get colder.

Turtle Dove Cardigan 

We’re captivated by the timeless Turtle Dove Cardigan featured in the latest issue. It’s inspired by Melissa Clulow’s beloved pullover of the same name, focusing on comfort and classic style. Imagine a cosy blend of softness and airiness combined with a silk and mohair lace weight yarn with fingering wool. This beauty boasts a clean stockinette canvas, deep raglan lines, and twisted rib details at the collar, front bands, and cuffs. It’s a versatile top-down piece suitable for jeans, dresses, or weekend lounging in pyjamas. If you prefer knitting with a single strand, we have various yarn options, from Camarose Snefnug for lightweight cosiness to Woolfolk Luft for luxury. Also, check out the new Merry Merino 70 from Kremke Soul Wool, available in 30 stunning colours. For fingering weight yarns and silk and mohair combinations, we have an extensive collection of exquisitely hand-dyed treasures, featuring yarns such as La Bien Aimee’s Mohair Silk, Qing Fibre’s silk and mohair, Isager, Ito, Gepard, and our latest addition, (Vi)laines Mohair Silk boulettes! Whatever you choose, this minimalist cardigan invites your creativity. Experiment with vibrant colours of hand-dyed yarns, or mix and match with solid silk and mohair shades. The best part? There are no rules!

Preppy Cardigan

Preppy by Julia Wilkens

Let’s chat about the Preppy pattern, a real gem near and dear to Julia Wilkens’ heart. In her teenage years, Julia was on a mission in Frankfurt, thanks to the nearby US military base with thrift stores bursting with American classics like Levis 501s and baseball jackets. That’s where her Preppy journey began.

Now, what makes Preppy so unique? Well, it’s all in the knitting. This pattern takes inspiration from the timeless varsity jacket and is crafted seamlessly from the top down. What sets it apart is the creative blend of two different colours in the sleeves and body, adding a touch of whimsy to this classic design. It’s like painting a beautiful canvas with yarn! But here’s where the magic happens – the choice of materials. Julia’s pattern uses La Bien Aimée Kumo, a super soft and fluffy alpaca yarn held together with a 4-ply bouclé throughout. If you’re looking for alternatives, we have options like Woolfolk Flette (technically a DK, but gauge is your friend here), Qing Fibre Melting Baby Suri Alpaca, and Zakami Fluffy Lace, all of which would work beautifully. And for that collar and wrist ribbing, a 4-ply sock yarn adds another texture to this genius pattern.

In a nutshell, Preppy is not just a cardigan; it’s a work of art, a cosy cloud you’ll want to wrap yourself in for years to come. Get those needles ready because you’re in for a knitting adventure you’ll love! 


Meet Helli, designed by Tiia Reho. Helli is the epitome of elegance effortlessly combined with cosy comfort. This charming slipover gracefully blends silky mohair with warm wool in a mesmerising dance of Stockinette Stitch and Moss Stitch, creating a delight to both create and admire. Helli’s body offers comfort around the chest with added room, while its stylish shoulders strike a captivating balance between soft femininity and a touch of masculinity. What sets Helli apart is the tactile inspiration drawn from the fabric made of single-ply wool and silk mohair, making it a perfect canvas for yarns like Biches & Bûches Le Petit Lambswool, Grey Sheep Co. Hampshire 4ply, or Blue Sky Fiber’s Woolstok Light  paired with silk and mohair lace weight yarn. Helli’s elegance and ease intertwine for a truly timeless piece.

Life in the Long Grass – Into the Hills Cabin Living and a new kit!

Next is the latest edition of Life in the Long Grass Magazine, “Into the Hills Cabin Living,” which takes us on a delightful journey into the wintery Gaeltacht hills of Ireland. This publication is a treasure trove of stunning photography and offers insights into the art of slow living in the picturesque Irish countryside. One standout gem from this issue is the Swoncho Sweater, a talented Lucía Ruiz de Aquirre Rodríguez creation. Its captivating graphic motif and oh-so-cosy fit make it the kind of sweater you’ll want to live in day in and day out. We were so enchanted by it that we’ve put together some kits featuring the original colours used in the design, using the Life in the Long Grass Twist DK. Kits will be available for preorder and arriving in late September or early October for shipping. We also have extra DK Twist in stock for the Flower Bláth sweater! We don’t usually stock this base at Loop, so don’t miss out on the chance to snag it while it’s available! We’ll have the sweater sample in the shop soon, allowing you to see and feel this cosy masterpiece in person.

MDK Field Guide – Botanica

Lastly, the MDK Field Guide Issue 25 – Botanica is here, and our initial preorders have sold out, but don’t worry, more copies are on the way and expected to arrive by the end of the month. This issue features the incredible designer Dee Hardwicke. Dee’s boundless creativity and vibrant designs fill the pages of Botanica, and we ‘re absolutely smitten with it. If you’re lucky enough to have preordered Botanica, you’re in for a treat! And remember, if you need any guidance on yarn suggestions or substitutions, we’re here and ready to assist you every step of the way! 

Grand Shetland Adventure Knits

Embark on a captivating Shetland adventure like no other with renowned knitwear designers Mary Jane Mucklestone and Gudrun Johnston! Their collaborative masterpiece, “Grand Shetland Adventure Knits,” is a heartfelt homage to the enchanting Shetland Islands, celebrating their breathtaking landscapes, rich traditions, and warm-hearted inhabitants. Within the pages of this book, you’ll discover a treasure trove of 14 exquisite knitwear patterns, tailor-made for your Shetland journey, including snug socks, stylish hats, and stunning colourwork sweaters. Grand Shetland Adventures is available now for preorder and will ship after publication on the 20th of October.

Rosita Studio Buttons

When you’re planning your knitting projects this season, remember your haberdashery! We’ve just received some more Rosita studio hand-embroidered buttons. They will elevate any garment and make great gifts on their vintage-inspired paper cards.

We hope you enjoyed this week’s look at some of the beautiful publications we stock at Loop. There are always more beautiful books and magazines to browse, and you can visit our ‘In Print‘ and ‘New In‘ sections on our website to see what’s coming. 

Enjoy your weekend!

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