Back to the Shop with Tons of Beauties and a Fresh Look!

Back to the Shop with Tons of Beauties and a Fresh Look!

We’re so delighted to be open online and in London! Our fresh coat of paint has given the whole shop a lift and we had so much fun spending the week with all our favourite yarns.

We’re hitting the ground running with a very special bundle that has just landed in the shop. A brand new Limited Edition Yarn Bundle combines a skein of Dimond Laine Elmer Fingering yarn in our special, just-for-Loop, limited edition colour “Egg” and a boulette of Laines Vilaines Silk Mohair in “Seducing Mr. Freeze”. These colours and yarns are absolutely stunning together, and while we had PetiteKnit’s Sophie Scarf in mind when we put it together, it would be really wonderful for any small project.

Dimond Laine and Laines Vilaines are a match made in yarn heaven!

Dimond Laine Elmer Fingering comes to us all the way from our friends at The Lamb & Kid. Their shop on Bainbridge Island in Washington state is a gorgeous, magical spot and their yarn bases never disappoint. Elmer Fingering is 80% merino and 20% cashmere, so you can imagine how soft and wonderful it is. And we’re totally in love with how our bespoke colour combines with “Seducing Mr. Freeze” to make a gorgeous, fluffy accessory with just a hint of rainbow.

This is a very limited edition yarn and we are so glad to be able to share it with you. Each bundle comes with 50g (200 yards) of Elmer Fingering and 25g (229 yards) of Laines Vilaines Mohair Silk, plus a Dove of Peace project bag. We don’t expect these beauties to hang around very long!

We’re so happy to be putting our happy little shop back together! All the colours are popping even more than usual next to our fresh coat of paint and it feels fabulous to have a fresh start with everything just so.

For the past week we’ve been holding off deliveries to accommodate work in the shop and our big stock take, so we can’t wait for all the gorgeous yarns to start pouring in! In the next few days we’re expecting bumper deliveries from La Bien Aimée, new pieces from Julie Arkell (which should be on the website by Sunday evening), loads from Life in the Long Grass, gorgeous things from Qing Fibre, fab Spincycle, Lang Jawoll, some new scissors, and much, much more! Come see our lovely new walls and our super cosy new yarns this weekend.

More Decorators Heading Our Way!

We love how our ground floor looks so much that we’re now moving onto painting and fixing up the second floor! We’ll be doing this from 12 to 14 February. Our online shop will remain open but the London shop will be closed throughout, including on Wednesday 14 February when we would normally be open. Please keep that in mind if you’re planning to visit us. We will open again as usual on Thursday 15 February.

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