Blink Pattern Release

Blink Pattern Release
Ragnahild Vaaland in Blink

We are delighted to finally announce the release of the Blink printed pattern  and downloadable PDF. We know many of you have been waiting keenly.

Our Blink kits were a huge success at EYF and so we have decided to make four new versions available through our shop.

We catch up with Ragnhild to ask her about her experience designing Blink for us, and announce a Blink Knit-Along.

Ragnahild Vaaland in Blink at Loop London
Ragnhild Vaaland wearing Blink in Isager Mohair and holding Blink in Ito Mohair

We asked Ragnhild about her experience designing Blink for us:

“I have been knitting since I was 5 years old.  I love knitting – when I first visited Loop, many years ago, I was in heaven!  This was a completely different kind of yarn shop!  So inspiring. Since then, every time I have been to London,  I have to visit!  It’s become one of those places I have to see again and again, which never fails to inspire.

“Knitting is an addiction and being able to make my own designs has been a wish for many years.  When Susan saw the sweater I was wearing and asked to publish it I was so excited! It was like a dream come true.

“And not only did I get to be the designer – but Susan asked me to model at the photo shoot.   I said yes since I have a motto:
Chances – take them like vitamins.

“I was very nervous and excited. I was asked to meet at The Flower Factory (Kristin’s studio) at Colombia Road. This was another gem!  The photographer Kristin Perers has a beautiful studio. The warm and welcoming atmosphere created by Susan and Kristin made me relax and it was a lovely experience.”

Ragnahild Vaaland in Blink at Loop London
Ragnhild Vaaland in Blink

Our first kits used the zingy Ito Sensai mohair, worked together with the Isager Japansk Cotton. We love the 25 vibrant colours of Ito Sensai mohair and can imagine so many other beautiful pairings.

We now have just two of the original  Blink kits with Ito Mohair still in stock in Pop Pink and Bordeaux. We’re more than happy though to help you put together something like the other originals or another great colour combination.

Blackberry Blink Kit at Loop London
Blackberry Blink Kit using Ito Sensai mohair

We have added another kit possibility to our initial offerings. We love the fluffier, more muted colours of Isager mohair. There are 17 colours designed to complement the Isager palette.

Blink using Isager yarns at Loop London
The Isager Sea Green yarns – Isager Japansk Cotton and Isager Mohair/silk 

The Isager Mohair/Silk is fluffier and has less meterage than the Ito Sensai, therefore the fabric produced is a little denser.

Blink swatches at Loop London
Blink swatches using Isager Mohair/Silk: Left; Japansk Cotton 15 and Mohair/Silk 68 with Koigu pocket. Right; Japansk Cotton 54 and Mohair/Silk 66 and Koigu speckled Pocket

We are offering Blink kits using the Isager Mohair/Silk as well! These come in three colourways with contrasting pockets.

Olive green swatch with pink pocket yarn at Loop London
Olive green swatch with pink pocket yarn

Some of you may have seen Carol, one of our lovely Loopettes, wearing the olive green version on our EYF stand or in the shop.

We also have a kit of the original colour way with navy pockets.

Wine Blink Swatch at Loop London
Wine Blink Swatch with navy pocket colour

A Sea Green version, with orange pockets.

Sea Green Blink Swatch at Loop London
Sea Green Blink Swatch with orange pocket

And this one, which uses a dark navy blue Cotton Japansk and a dusk, pale blue mohair.

Navy Blink Swatch at Loop London
Navy Blink Swatch at Loop London

We can imagine so many other great ideas for this pattern.

Wouldn’t it be cute with Koigu speckled pockets?

Olive Blink Swatch with spotted pocket at Loop London
Olive Blink swatch with Koigu KPPPM spotted pocket

If you want something a little more daring, how about using our new Qing Fibre mohair/silk?

Qing Mohair/Silk at Loop London
Qing Mohair/Silk

Imagine how this Antique Rose would look with Isager Japansk Cotton in a natural colour (59)

Qing Mohair Antique Rose at Loop London
Qing Mohair Antique Rose at Loop London

Blink Knit Along

We are so excited to have this pattern; we are hosting a knit-along beginning April 10th.

We will offer tutorials about choosing the best gauge/size and other techniques involved in making this simple sweater.

You can register your interest on our Ravelry Blink KAL page. The KAL will take place between April 10th and end of May. Please Join us!

Blink KAL at Loop London


Happy Easter!

Just a little reminder that the shop will be closed on Easter Sunday and Monday. Have a great holiday weekend!











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