Cloudy with a Chance of Knitting: The Cloud Cardigan Pattern Has Arrived!

Cloudy with a Chance of Knitting: The Cloud Cardigan Pattern Has Arrived!

Today’s the day! We are thrilled to bring you our cosy, coveted Cloud Cardigan as a stand-alone pattern!

In January we launched this cardigan as a kit and its reception has been every bit as warm and enthusiastic as we hoped. Now we’re opening this beautiful pattern to all the colour possibilities you can dream up and we can’t wait to see what you do with it.

The Cloud Cardigan is the brainchild of Loop founder Susan, who worked with Fabienne Gassman to create this very cool and utterly wearable knit. It’s based on an old piece of Susan’s that she loved so much she wanted to share it with all her friends and lovely Loop customers, and we are so glad she did.

The yarns Susan and Fabienne selected for this pattern are long-time Loop favourites, naturally. Woolfolk Flette Bulky and BC Garn Semilla DK GOTS work together beautifully to create a comforting, enveloping body and a structured cuff that means business without being too tight or restrictive.

We obviously adore the original colourways of the Cloud Cardigan Kits, but there are so many different directions you could take this piece and we are so excited to see how everyone in our community puts their own stamp on it. Woolfolk’s Russet would make a fantastically bold version, but the understated Soft Grey would do just as well. For the colour monogamists among you something like Woolfolk‘s Navy and Semilla‘s Indigo would tell a bold colour story. But with 30 colours of Semilla and 14 colours of Woolfolk the mixing and matching options are really endless.

Of course the Cloud Cardigan would also look fabulous in different yarns. Rico’s Mega Wool and Mega Wool Tweed would make a lovely substitute for the main yarn (the texture will be different but it will still be gorgeous), and any of our lovely DK yarns would make a nice cuff. Or for a fun twist you could hold a strand of CaMaRose Snefnug and a strand of Mohair together for an extra cloud-like airy, fluffy look. You could even make a stash-busting DK cuff for a funky mix-and-match look.

Whatever colours you fancy, we’re convinced this will become your new go-to cosy piece. The Cloud Cardigan pattern is available as a PDF or in print. The PDF can be purchased directly from our website or on Ravelry, and the printed pattern is available in the shop (you can order it online too). And of course if you still prefer the ease and specially selected colourways of the Cloud Cardigan Kit, we have plenty in stock! Happy knitting!

Selvedge 111 – Make Do

With consumers and makers alike becoming more and more conscious of the impact of our clothing on the environment, crafters are turning to creative recycling as a more sustainable source of fabric. The new issue of Selvedge Magazine celebrates the latest flourishing of this movement and looks to historical moments from which we can draw inspiration. Re-using and recycling present an enormous opportunity for creativity, but they also pose unique challenges — no two pieces of recycled cloth are ever quite the same. Read all about the artists and brands at the forefront of this trend in the March/April 2023 issue, available now!

Degen Acorn Haberdashery Box

We love Lindsay Degen’s wonderful tools!

Ooh do we love a bit of haberdashery by Lindsay Degen. Like her Latch Tool and Acorn Needle Holder, the brand new Acorn Haberdashery Box is a total delight. These handmade acorn-shaped boxes are perfect way to keep crafting bits and bobs to hand, or to safely store those pesky little notions that always seem to get lost between projects. They’re also just adorable decorations that will bring warmth to your home. In rosewood and pine like Degen’s other tools, these are beautiful to behold and to hold.

Stunning Stitches by Sari Nordlund

Sari Nordlund’s knits are rich with the textures of the Nordic natural world.

We’re so excited to welcome the incredible designer Sari Nordlund to the shop this weekend! On Sunday 26 February Sari will be in the shop with some gorgeous samples from 1-2:30pm. Sari’s minimalist designs are inspired by the Scandinavian scenery that surrounds her home near Helsinki. Her gorgeous designs have appeared in some of the top knitting magazines and she’s collaborated with some of our favourite yarn makers, like Woolfolk and Brooklyn Tweed. And big news: this autumn she will publish her first solo collection! We can’t wait to see it. Come find out more this weekend!

Crafty Classes

Learn a new technique – and make a toy while you’re at it!

Join us on Sunday 26 March for a Toy Making and Magic Loop Knitting Workshop with Sophie Heathscott! Toys are some of the most joyous things you can knit and magic loop is a super useful techniques that will make all kinds of projects a breeze, from socks to sweaters. Yarn will be provided for this class and you’ll be working with one of patterns,  ‘Otso’, which is a free Loop pattern, and ‘Truffle’ from Mini Pom, both designed by Sophie! If you’re looking to improve your overall knitting technique why not join our Knitting Improvers One-Day Workshop? If you’re lucky you might snag one of the last spots in the workshop for this Sunday, 26 February, and there are places available on 12 March as well. This workshop will give you the confidence to explore knitting patterns and play with stitches on your own. There’s one last spot in our Homework Sampler Workshop with Melanie Bowles for this Saturday 25 February too. The perfect intro to stitching!

See you in the shop xx

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  1. Absolutely the correct way to go as less environmentally harming and greater use of natural resources.
    A mega improvement on the planet.
    Excellent & should be copied throughout Britain ;then Globally.
    Lyn Green Design company. xx

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