Colour combinations for beautiful shawls

This week we thought we’d focus on two very beautiful shawls that we’ve been admiring at Loop! Cinnabar by Andrea Mowry and Beautiful Day by Nadia Crétin-Léchenne are very different in design but we’re head over heels for them both right now! We have lots of yarn and colour suggestions for Cinnabar, and some great yarn substitution ideas for Beautiful Day too!

Cinnabar combinations

We decided to do two different versions of our colour combinations for Cinnabar – one that follows Andrea’s pattern, with a muted main colour and a lovely Spincycle Dyed in the Wool colour for the contract colour, and one that reverses this and uses a bright pop of Spincycle Dream State for the main colour, and a plain as the contrast colour.

We have made the shawl a little more affordable to knit by pairing the Dyed in the Wool with yarns like Orkney Angora and BC Garn Semilla, and the Dream State with Quince & Co. Finch and CaMaRose Yaku, all of which are great affordable yarns that are lovely to knit with.

If you were to follow our idea and use the Dream State as your main colour, your shawl would end up being a ‘reverse’ of Andrea’s, and the right side of yours would look like the wrong side of hers!

Combinations with Dyed in the Wool

These are some wonderful colour combinations we put together using Dyed in the Wool from Spincycle, and a few different DK weights that we carry at Loop.

Yarn combinations clockwise from top left:

MC: BC Garn Semilla DK in 110 Mauve, CC: Dyed in the Wool in Pick Your Poison

MC: St. Magnus Orkney Angora in Golden Goose, CC: Dyed in the Wool in Frosty Night

MC: The Uncommon Thread BFL DK in Confetti, CC: Dyed in the Wool in Idle Nights

MC: BC Garn Semilla DK in 101 Light Grey, CC: Dyed in the Wool in Devilish Grin (this is most similar to Andrea’s colours!)

Combinations with Dream State

Here are our Dream State combinations, which are the twist on Andrea’s original as we mentioned above. We have so many gorgeous colours in the Dream State we couldn’t help but include them too!

Yarn combinations clockwise from top left:

MC: Dream State in Mississippi Marsala, CC: Quince & Co. Finch in Slate

MC: Dream State in Cataclysm, CC: CaMaRose Yaku in 1989 Braendtkarry

MC: Dream State in Melancholia, CC; CaMaRose Yaku in 1049 Babybla

MC: Dream State in Nostalgia, CC: Quince & Co. Finch in London Rose

Beautiful Day combinations

The other wonderful shawl we’re focusing on this week is Beautiful Day! This shawl was originally knitted in La Bien Aimeé Merino Singles but we decided to knit our shop sample with Quince & Co. Finch, making it a really affordable shawl to knit!

Colour combinations for beautiful shawls at Loop London
Nadia’s original shawl © Nadia Crétin-Léchenne

You need two skeins of each colour of Finch you decide to use; our sample uses Clay and Honey. Juliet, our wonderful Loopette and knitter of this sample, let us know that she used 98g of Honey, and all 100g of the Clay colour.

Colour combinations for beautiful shawls at Loop London
Our Honey + Clay colour combination

Here’s what Juliet said about Beautiful Day:

“The shawl was super easy and fun to knit. It never gets boring and the pattern was really clear. I used 98 grams of the Honey colour and all of the Clay colour. Pretty amazing for 198 grams in total! I did have to omit 2 rows at the end of the garter section to bind off with the picot but it really didn’t make much of a difference as there are 10 rows of garter before the bind off.” 

Because Juliet omitted the last 2 rows, it meant that she was able to finish the shawl without going into a 3rd skein (and avoided having those pesky leftover bits!).

Other fab colour combinations using Finch

Top row (left to right): London Rose + Frost and Aleutian + Storm

Second row: Damson + Canvas and Hunter + Parchment

Third row: Belize + Nasturtium and Maple + Caspian

Bottom photo: Boreal + Shell (which is similar to the original colours)

A few new deliveries…

We’ve had some lovely things delivered to the shop recently! We’re stocked up with lots of colours of the wonderful (Vi)laines Boulettes, in both the Chaussettes Sock base and the Solitaires Fing base. We also have cute enamel pins from (Vi)laines!

We have also received more copies of Jessie Chorley’s embroidery books, The Story of a Maker and Favourite Stitches, and we’ve also restocked the hugely popular Knits About Winter by Emily Foden, the lovely lady behind Viola yarns!

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