New goodies from Minä Perhonen

New goodies from Minä Perhonen

Last week a box filled with wonderful new Minä Perhonen buttons, brooches and fabric swatch packs arrived at Loop! We are so excited to have more of these amazing pieces at Loop, what an honour! Minä Perhonen’s fabrics are inspired by folktales, whimsy, drawings and a poetic mash-up of Japanese and Nordic aesthetics.

Fabric packs

We will be adding more stock of these amazing fabric packs at 3pm UK time today, Friday 21st! These do sell quickly, as they are such treasures, so be sure to have a look if you’re interested in getting one. Each ‘pack’ is unique, and we only have one of each style.

The new batch of these fabric packs include new colours and fabric combinations of the wonderful designs Minä Perhonen design, and lots of the little swatches in each pack are embroidered.

Buttons and brooches

We’ve got some brand new designs of the brooches, across the four different shapes and sizes, and we also have new designs of buttons in all different sizes. Both of these make a beautiful addition to any knit or crocheted garment.

Some of the small buttons are quite heavily textured because of the fabrics that have been used – they’re amazing!

There is only one of each of the brooches, so be quick if you seen one you love!

Lastly we have just one of these amazing bags! It is an incredibly beautiful one of a kind bag that can be used as a bag or a project bag from Mina Perhonen in Japan. It is part of their ‘Piece’ collection made from fabrics and lace trim from their main fashion collection with remnants of fabrics and the ‘Forest Parade’ lace filled with birds and berries and flowers and a leather strap. One of the pieces of lace spells out the word ‘Peace’ as well, just superb!

Like the fabric swatch packs, the buttons, brooches and the beautiful bag will be going live on the website at 3pm today, Friday 21st August.

Remember! We also have some of the rare Minä Perhonen washi tapes at Loop, which are great for decorating with, wrapping parcels with, or for helping you to read charts.

More lovely arrivals…

We’re still receiving so many lovely deliveries at the shop! Recently we’ve had a big delivery from Life in the Long Grass, that included seven new colours in the Fine Sock base! Grit, Tiller, Blue Silver, Queen, Dragon Seed, Sparrow Song and Tuisin are all new to Loop. Some of these lovely colours are featured in the new Life in the Long Grass publication, Summer Mists, River Swim, which we also had delivered recently.

Vilaines Boulettes at Loop London

We have stocked up our (Vi)laines yarn too – we have both the Chaussettes Sock and Solitaire Fing boulettes in stock, including two new colours in the Solitaire Fing – Grapefruit with Sugar and Isabel’s Journey.

Lang Jawoll at Loop London

We’re also fully stocked with Lang Jawoll, one of our fantastic sock yarns that comes in over 70 colours! And speaking of socks… We will have more copies of 52 Weeks of Socks soon! You can sign up to get a stock notification via our website, and as soon as the books arrive you’ll get an email.

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