Falling in Love with Love It Project Bags

Falling in Love with Love It Project Bags

We are head over heels in love with the very special project bags designed just for Loop by Ingrid Korteknie of Love It, a hand printing and screening studio in Amsterdam.

All of Ingrid’s crafting passions are beautifully encapsulated in these bright, joyful and practical project bags. Ingrid’s career as a maker started with painting gouache on paper. In the late 2000s she started having her paintings digitally printed on fabric. The delight of seeing her creations turn into materials that could be used for so many things led her to explore painting directly on fabrics and later to screen printing. Eventually she founded Love It, which combines her talents for product creation, painting, fabric design, sewing and styling.

Ingrid says her best designs usually arise out of coincidence or necessity. A mistaken brushstroke or a leftover piece of fabric may be the inspiration for a new design. We are so happy to have the results of her genius experimentation in the shop. The Love It for Loop Project Bags are practical for hours of crafting. They stand up on their own and facilitate easy flow from yarn ball to needle, taking away a layer of fuss for the maker, and care is super easy—they’re machine washable!

The variety of sizes available is sure to suit whatever project you’re working on. From a simple pair of mittens (Large Haberdashery Bag) to the sweater you’re working on in every spare moment from now until Christmas (BIG Oversized Zipper Bag) there’s sure to be a perfect fit, and if you find you’re constantly misplacing all those pesky little notions the Small Haberdashery Bag will help you keep them all in one place. Check out the full range!

Love It has a strong commitment to ecologically sound practices. The Loop project bags are made from 100% unbleached GOTS certified organic cotton and printed using water-based inks, which are more environmentally friendly. The studio also takes a conservative approach to using material during the production process, using as little as possible and making beautiful things from the leftovers and offcuts as well.

Close up of Love It for Loop tag and zipper pull

Sophie Digard Treasures from Paris

Sophie Digard – Powder Pink Flower Duo Brooch

Loop founder Susan recently took a trip to Paris and she brought back some very special Sophie Digard pieces. The beautiful Powder Pink Flower Duo Brooch is still available in the shop or online. This gorgeous piece is handmade with such craftsmanship and care. It is hand-stitched with crocheted detail and the branches are adjustable, allowing the wearer to ‘arrange’ the flowers. It is beautiful to behold and dreamy to don. We only have one of these beautiful pieces — get it before it’s gone!

New CaMaRose Yarns and an Autumnal Pattern

CaMaRose Pumpkin Harvest

Just in time for cosy autumn nights we’ve received a new seasonal pattern designed by Lene Søholm using CaMaRose yarns. The Pumpkin Harvest pattern collection includes four basic models that can be varied in size, colour, number of stitches, amount of filling, and sewing on the ridges to create 34 unique pumpkins. These round, long, button and bottle shaped pumpkin patterns use easy techniques written in both UK and US crochet terminology to create a true cornucopia of cute creations to adorn your table or windowsill. Our first batch of pumpkin patterns sold out very quickly, but we’re expecting more stock soon, so keep checking back if they’re not available.

And more good news: Our shelves are overflowing with CaMaRose yarns after the latest delivery. Two new colours of Snefnug (Snowflake) have just arrived as well! Mint Green and Light Turkis are two lovely cool blue tones that we’re already eyeing up for winter knits.

Preorder Indigo Scout Shawl Kit for Loop

Our October Scout Shawl Workshop with Liz Baltesz was such a hit we’ve decided to feature a limited edition Indigo Scout Shawl Kit Liz designed for the course and it’s now available for preorder! The kits will be arriving in late October but we don’t expect them to hang around for long, so reserve yours today. The kit includes a 50/50 blend of Falklands Merino and Chinese mulberry silk in five colours dyed by Liz: dark indigo, medium indigo, light indigo, cream and gold. The pattern is not included but can be found through Florence Spurling’s website or on Ravelry.

We have also scheduled another Scout Shawl Workshop with Liz in February 2022 to explore this beautiful knit and learn more about the stranded knitting and intarsia method used in this project. Sign up soon to avoid disappointment!

Enjoy your weekend!

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