Give it a Whirl! Fun with New Colours from Scheepjes

Give it a Whirl! Fun with New Colours from Scheepjes

Fun fact: Scheepjes actually has nothing to do with sheep. While many yarn names pay homage to our woolly friends in the animal kingdom, Scheepjes actually means “little ships” in Dutch.

The hues of Scheepjes yarns are rich and bold. A sweet treat indeed!

No matter how you pronounce it, there’s no denying these yarns are a boatload of fun. We totally adore all the cool cotton yarns Scheepjes makes, and the brand new bold and bright colours we’ve just received are really a joy.

Giving Catona the Granny Square treatment

Scheepjes yarns are a real crocheters delight. The high twist of Maxi Sweet Treat is perfect for crocheted borders 25g balls of Catona are just begging to be made into granny squares. These mercerised cotton yarns won’t soon fade, and they’re hard-wearing to boot. Better yet, the colours of Maxi Sweet Treat and Catona are exactly the same, making colour matching or power-clashing a total breeze.

This week four new neons and a lovely rich neutral brown joined the Catona family of colours, and we are buzzing. I mean look at the glow on that yellow! We’re already planning granny squares in these bright tones, with that oaky brown to give a bit of grounding.

But of course, the most show-stopping Scheepjes yarn is Whirl. These explosions of colour definitely take the cake, if you’ll pardon the pun. Indeed, measuring in at a jaw-dropping 1,000 metres, you can make a blanket out of a single cake of Whirl! Plus it’s twisted to prevent yarn-splitting, which can be a problem with colour gradient yarns, and we’re gaga for three new colours that have arrived this week.

These gradient yarns have a really lovely colour effect once knit or crocheted. Whether you use it on its own, with a solid contrast colour, or with a different shade of whirl, the playful transitions are a blast.

Even More Cotton

Still in the market for cotton you say? How about Rico’s Organic Aran and So Cool + So Soft Chunky? Still want more? Might we recommend Krea Deluxe Organic Cotton? All of these lovely cotton yarns and many more are fully stocked up and spilling out of the shop. We love the feel of a knitted cotton, especially in the summer months, and these options are so diverse and versatile. Give them a go!

NONA and Cohana Pop-Up

Nona and Cohana are the perfect combo

More love from Japan! Next weekend we’re hosting a NONA and Cohana Pop-Up at Loop and it’s sure to be a ball! Lovely Rika Stein of NONA and our friends from Cohana will be visiting from Tokyo the weekend of 24 and 25 June, bringing so many lovely bits and bobs. We’ve restocked some of our Cohana favourites and we’re really excited to see a demonstration of a brand new mini hand loom called “Pokeori”. Rika will be hosting sold-out Temari Stitching Classes and will have NONA‘s famous cotton threads and wool yarns in tow. No need to book, we can’t wait to see you there!

We can’t wait to see Cohana’s Pokeori hand loom in action!

The Kit List

We love a good kit, and this week we’re over the moon to have so many favourites back in stock. We also have Roulade Kits back in stock, which we know many of you have been waiting for. This cosy and colourful striped scarf is a great thing to knit slowly in the sun over the next few months so it’s all ready for you when the temperatures take a turn! Our Osaka Scarf Kit is always a crowd pleaser, in “Greyscale” or “Candy” colourways, and its airy, lightweight feel makes it the perfect summer knit. Finally, Florence Spurling’s Scout Mini Kits are in stock, in Florence’s original colourway. Equally suited to campfires and piazzas, if you want to go to colourwork bootcamp this summer, the Scout Mini is the thing for you!

See you in the shop!

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