Holidays Are Coming! Greet the Season with a Treat

Holidays Are Coming! Greet the Season with a Treat

It’s hard to believe it’s nearly that time of year again! Chilly weather that makes for cosy knitting evenings is exciting enough in its own right, but it’s also a reminder of the sparkly holiday season to come. We’re so thrilled this year to bring you another year of the Loop Winter Holiday Box, which is available for preorder starting today!

The season of gift giving is always one of our favourites. As crafters we’re naturally predisposed to make our loved ones happy with snuggly soft things, so it’s always a real treat to put these boxes together for our customers. And of course the best gifts are the ones that surprise us, which is why we’ll never show everything inside (so you’re in for some unexpected delights even if you’re buying the box for yourself!) We hope these little peeks are as thrilling to you as they are to us!

This year’s Winter Holiday Box promises to be one for the ages. We’ve carefully curated this collection of some of the best products from our favourite suppliers, including exclusive bespoke items crafted just for the holiday season for Loop. Each keepsake Loop gift box comes packed with nine gifts inside, some of which you won’t find anywhere else. There are two different yarns that are being dyed just for Loop (one of which has never been available in Europe before), threads and ribbons for stitching and finishing, and some very cool haberdashery, plus a wintery project bag inspired by the Dove of Peace project bag we launched last year.

Our beautiful, bespoke project bag for this year’s Winter Holiday Box

Whether you knit, crochet, embroider, or dabble in all kinds of textile arts, these treasures will be a wonderful winter warmer. Our Winter Holiday Boxes are available to preorder from today, and we’ll start shipping them in early November. ALL boxes will be shipped by 14 November, leaving plenty of time for these happy tidings to make their way to loved ones all over the world in time for Christmas, Hanukkah, or whatever you’re celebrating this season.

Ricorumi Christmas Garland Advent Calendar

If our Winter holiday Box preorder has you in the festive spirit, we think you’ll love Rico’s 2023 DIY Advent Calendar! With 24 boxes containing everything you’ll need to make a cute Christmas garland or other festive adornments (think tree ornaments, jewellery, mobiles) the run-up to the 25th will fly by. With more than 350g of Rico yarns, four patterns, and tons of festive joy (plus the nuts and bolts you’ll need, like a crochet hook and embroidery needle) this advent calendar is bursting with festive cheer!

Miesje Chafer Fabric Swatches

Magical Fabric Swatches from Miesje! Following our teaser last week we’re so glad these hand-printed beauties have landed in the shop. Whether you have a project in mind for these or not, they’re a gorgeous and super inspiring addition to your craft cupboard. Each pack of seven swatches contains a beautiful array of linen or cotton fabrics to see you through quilting, mending, or embroidery project

Enneste Thread Boxes

More wonderful Naturally Dyed Thread Boxes have arrived from Enneste. This curated box of the most treasured threads is a coveted treat for any stitcher. These limited edition boxes are made for us just once a year and we always eagerly await their arrival. Silk, mohair, cotton, bamboo, linen, and merino wool threads dyed to perfection using hues from avocado, Japanese pagoda tree, and indigo, among others fill this exquisite box, and absolutely everything about this package has been honed to perfection. If you want a goody box before our holiday packages ship, you can’t go wrong with this collection!

Blankets for Ukraine

Don’t forget to join us on the evening of Tuesday 3 October to help stitch together all the lovely blanket squares we’re collecting to send some warmth and love to Ukraine. All are welcome and all materials will be provided — just bring yourselves! We are also still collecting blanket squares for Ukraine, so if you would like to bring or send any knit or crocheted squares before next Tuesday please feel free to do so! We look forward to seeing many of you in the shop.

Happy weekend!

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  1. How lovely! A comment box. I was wishing for some way last week to tell you all how much I enjoy reading your weekly writings, and of course the pictures!
    Thank you
    Donna Bathory

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