Spinni is here!

Spinni is here!

At Loop we try to balance your desire for new, exciting yarns with your need for reliable favourites. This can be tricky; our stock room is bursting, as we try to bring it all to you.

Isager Spinni at Loop London
Spinni in colours (L to R): 40s tweed, 22s tweed, 1s tweed and 26

Isager’s Spinni yarn has a foot in both camps. It’s new-to-us, but from a familiar stockist, Isager.

We used to carry Isager Tvinni yarn, which was similar in weight, colour and composition, however Spinni is a single-ply that is new to our shop.

We have long stocked our other beloved Isager yarns such as Highland Wool, Alpaca 1, Silk Mohair and Japansk Cotton. At one time we had Tvinni, in all its’ shades but it has been a while. There was a resounding cry, amongst its loyal followers, to get it back in. We listened, and have brought in all 51 colours of Isager Spinni to fill the need.

Spinni Yarn

Spinni is a single-ply, lace weight wool that comes in an incredible palette of muted and heathered tones, reminiscent of vintage textiles. It’s strong and hard-wearing, but delicate looking.

Isager Spinni Tweed at Loop London
Isager Spinni Tweed in 61s, a favourite colour, with Flower Power scissors and Posy brooch in Silver Rose.

The beautiful thing about Isager yarns is their versatility when blended in combinations. Spinni or Highland can be held together with Alpaca 1 or Silk/Mohair to create airy, blooming fabrics in a variety of tonal palettes, or they can be doubled-up to create sport-weight yarns. Using two different colours together makes gentle colour variations. Spinni, with its single-ply, is particularly easy to work with, in this way.

Artisan pattern book by Isager at Loop London
New English version of Helga Isager’s “The Artisan” pattern book

Many of the Isager knitting patterns feature two different strands of yarn. The sweater pictured below is “Ivory” from the new Helga Isager pattern book, The Artisan. It is made in a combination of Spinni held together with Silk Mohair.

Ivory from Artisan Book at Loop London
Ivory Pattern from Artisan Book by Helga Isager. Knit in Spinni and Silk Mohair.

The yarns also work beautifully on their own. This next pattern is “Lace”, from the same book. See how delicate it looks, yet the pattern has strong stitch definition.

Lace Pattern from Isager Artisan pattern book at Loop London

The Spinni colours that are followed by the letter S are tweed colours, meaning they are blended with the natural-greyish sheep colour to give a heathered look.

Spinni-13s-40s-27s at Loop London
Spinni in 13s tweed, 40s tweed and 27s
Spinni by Isager at Loop London
Isager Spinni in 13s tweed and 22s tweed; our beloved Grellow combination!

Our Thursday Knit Nighters went crazy for the Isager Tokyo shawl pattern!

Isager Tokyo shawl with Spinni yarns at Loop London
Isager Tokyo Shawl pattern

This giant, easy-to-knit wrap is made by knitting a strand of Spinni together with a strand of Alpaca 1. The colour of the Alpaca yarn, is held with most of the varying tones of the Spinni, helping them to blend together into a subtly toning palette.

Isager Tokyo shawl with Isager yarns at Loop London
Tokyo Shawl in Isager Spinni in colours: 10s, 13s, 23s, 6s, 32s, 61 and 40. Held together with Alpaca 1 in 7s.

At least 5 examples have been knit by our group and there are more on the needles as we write this! Up until now, the pattern was only available as a kit, but it is now available separately from the yarns, so you can choose your own colours. Spinni is sold in 50g hanks, allowing for a wide variety of colours to be used in one shawl.

Isager Tokyo shawl with Isager yarns at Loop London

Many of the examples on Ravelry have been knit from the kit, but you can see some other effective variations of colour on the project pages.

The Artisan Book Giveaway

Explore and experiment with the Isager yarns; try them together in combinations. We think you may become a convert and devoted follower too. To encourage you, we will give a copy of The Artisan Pattern Book to one lucky winner. Comment on the blog with your experiences or ideas about Isager yarn or use the hashtag looplovesisager on instagram. Entries will close at midnight on Wednesday May 17th (UK time). Good luck and happy knitting!

Isager Spinni and Haberdashery at Loop London
Isager Spinni yarns with Bronze Bunny and Acorn Brooches and Loop wooden butterfly gauge
Loop is the host sponsor for Pomfest
Loop is the host sponsor for Pomfest


89 Comments on “Spinni is here!

  1. I have loved Marianne Isager’s Japanese-inspired designs, and have knit with her bomulin, tvinni alpaca and Isager 2 before. It’s now on my list to try Spinni.

  2. Oh how beautiful that Tokyo shawl is! I love knitting things from the All You Knit Is Love book using the Isager yarns.

  3. So so beautiful. The artisan looks like such a great book (twine in particularly is swoonworthy).

    But I’ve also seen a lovely piece of silver (from Laine) in isager, and now I’m desperate to try it.

    Time to clear some needles.

  4. I love using their mohair/silk with other yarn. The combination lifts the results to a sophisticated, other level and improves the comfort too.

  5. I’ve never knit with any Isager yarn but the patterns written for it are so perfect – they always have the perfect amount of drape and structure!

  6. I have been dying to get this book The Artisan! I have checked out all the sterns on Ravelry and love them all! I want to knit them all! I haven’t had a chance to knit with the Isager yarn yet, but am equally desperate to add it to my stash. I just think the designs in The Artisan are true classics and so wearable and understatedly feminine. LOVE !! Thank you, Loop, for this fabulous giveaway! I am keeping everything crossed

  7. I have been dying to get this book The Artisan! I have checked out all the patterns on Ravelry and love them all! I want to knit them all! I haven’t had a chance to knit with the Isager yarn yet, but am equally desperate to add it to my stash. I just think the designs in The Artisan are true classics and so wearable and understatedly feminine. LOVE !! Thank you, Loop, for this fabulous giveaway! I am keeping everything crossed

  8. This yarn is absolutely gorgeous! I would love to try the shawl pattern.I think I would live in it once made.It’s so beautiful.

  9. Oh my, I would love to win this! My mother in law and sister and law are coming to Loop this weekend to buy me some Isager yarn for my birthday. I live in America and it’s really hard to get hold of it, or super expensive. I’m building up by stash when family visit from the UK. These designs are timeless classics, I love everyone of them, can’t wait to build a wardrobe full
    Of them!! I would love to win this and I don’t own the book yet! Would be a perfect Birthday present and surprise for me!

  10. That shawl is beautiful & the yarn is stunning! On my shopping list! So keen to use that pattern with this gorgeous yarn!

  11. I love Isager yarn, I’ve knitted with Highland and Alpaca 1 and love them both and have some Spinni in stash. I’ve been wanting to make the Tokyo shawl for a while and so I’m really pleased the pattern is available on its own now.

  12. Tokyo is stunning. Would love to make one of my own. Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy of The Artisan.

  13. Wow! I saw a picture of Juju wearing hers and she looked amazing! I would seriously do justice to this pattern and bring the finished shawl to show you in the shop! Love Jenny xxx

  14. This looks amazing. I have not used these yarns before bit I think the book would inspire me to try, as if us addicted knitters need an excuse

  15. Those colors are gorgeous! I’d love to try out Spinni with one of Marianne Isager’s kimono-inspired patterns, it would be beautiful.

  16. The book and the yarn all look amazing (I’m so tempted to buy the scissors and pin too!) – all the pictures are so lovely and tempting! Definitely would love to knit the Ivory and the Lace, love the cardigan with detail on the shoulders too, basically want to knit everything!

  17. Love Love Love the Isager yarn and story – that Tokyo shawl just went to the top of my project list!

  18. I love all the Isager yarns and have knitted several designs of Marianne Isager and other designers working with Isager yarn in a Isager dedicated knitting group. I have pattern books of Marianne Isager, Katrine Hannibal and Annette Danielsen and the Artisan is on my wishing list so I would be so happy to win this book!

  19. This shawl is simply gorgeous and I would love to make it, especially with Tvinni, which I have used before for a smaller neck scarf. What a wonderful idea for a GIVEAWAY. Thank you LOOP!

  20. I really can’t wait to visit you this summer. I used Isager yarn on 2 hats that I wear all of the time. They are my go to accessories.

  21. I love Alpaca1 and find the idea of blending Alpaca1 with tweedy Spinni intriguing! Will have to try it!

  22. I have only just discovered Isager yarn and to see this shawl has emphasised to me the splendour of the colours! I have a longing to knit something holding too different yarns together and this will be made possible with Isager yarn. The photo is wonderful.
    I can only dream to visit Loop to see all the colours before my eyes, breathtaking!

  23. I have Knit Pop Spots in this yarn and it is a dream ! Love Isager yarn and patterns and I will be choosing yarn for Tokyo next time I am in London. Saw The Tokyo Shawl at Sommerflugen in Copenhagen but they only had the Danish version of the pattern.

  24. I have never used this yarn but would love to be able to try it if I was lucky enough to win. Thanks.

  25. This is the type of book with patterns using such beautiful yarn that is a real inspiration! I would love to work with this delightful yarn and create a beautiful shawl in this pattern. What a lovely giveaway!

  26. nothing in this world helps me to wind down better than knitting with a fine yarn in subtle and neutral shades – I love Skandinavia and I love the Isager Yarns

  27. all so utterly gorgeous. i don’t have any experience with isager yet but am anxious to say that i have! would love love love to have this book! xx

  28. I had yet another wee look in Loop the other day. I find it impossible to walk past the shop! As I walked in the door, my eyes were drawn to the beautiful “Birch” cardi, which I recognised straight away from the new Isager pattern book, “The Artisan”. I tried it on and let’s just say I walked away with some Isager yarn…
    Thank you for being such a beautiful Islington haven.

  29. I loved making my grellow Rockefeller shawl by Stephen West in Isager Alpaca. Would adore the chance to experiment more with their yarns and patterns!

  30. I’ve only used Isager’s wool for a hat, so would love to try some of that lovely yarn for the beautiful jumpers in the book.

  31. I have the beautiful book, Amimono the Bird Collection but have yet to try Isager yarn. I may have to put in an order soon! Such lovely colours!

  32. I would love to try out the Isager yarn and love the way the spinning yarn looks in Tokyo. I would choose a warm pattern from the book and knit it for my grandmother as gets cold easily in fer retirement village.

  33. I love using the Alpaca 1. I have knit a few baby vests and sweaters from Isager’s patterns. So lovely. Artisan is a beautiful addition to their patterns.

  34. Hello !
    I have just discovered this beautiful wool and I would like to make the very beautiful pull has twists that is in the artisans book ! Thank you very much !!

  35. I love all the Isager yarns. In fact, they are my fave, especially Spinni. I have in mind to make a big squishy throw with it. :)

  36. I have never used Isager yarn, though I would love to. I have been drooling over it online! It is gorgeous.

  37. Very exciting – Isager yarn is new to me and it looks beautiful. I am looking forward to seeing it in person next time I’m down in London.

  38. I have knowm known and knitted Marianne Isager patterns since the 1980’s. I used spinni and tvinni together. I have always loved the perfect design and the luxury yarn. The models and the yarn lasts forever. Since then Helga, her daughter has taken the designs in a different direction, love her designs.
    I have joined a Summer course in the Isager shop in Denmark.knitting and handdyeing yarn with plants. I love the colour pallette, all the colours go together.If you have the opportunity, go visit the shop, it is recently refurbished with a cafe added to it.

  39. I absolutely adore Isager yarns and still regret not getting Tokyo kit when they were in Alexandra Palace last year, I am so pleased Loop is now stocking more bases!!

  40. The Isager yarn is simply gorgeous and the Tokyo pattern looks like a dream knit. As much as I’d love to win the yarn, with so many of us similarly being hopeful the prize might not come my way, so please could you let me know the quantities of yarn requires to make the gorgeousness which is Tokyo?
    Best of luck everyone!

  41. I have twin granddaughters and have knitted them each a small Andreas Shawl in Alpaca 1 and Tvinni and for myself the Camomile Shawl and they were all beautiful. Already bought the Tokyo pattern so raring to use this new Svinni yarn.

  42. I adore the 22’s tweed colour. It would make a wonderful shawl to throw over the shoulders on summer evenings and wrap around the neck any time in the year when chilly enough.

  43. Love the shawl made with Isager. I would love to give it a try as it’s a new yarn for me. :) Thanks for the giveaway.

  44. This is a beautiful yarn. I would absolutely love to knit with it. It’s hard to choose a pattern from the book but I think the Tokyo shawl might be mine.

  45. I’ve never used the yarn but I love lace-weight yarn and the colours here are to die for. I’d love to use the 13s tweed and 22s tweed to make a wide crochet scarf/shawl. The advantage of something made with laceweight yarn is that if you make it wide enough it will serve you well through both summer and winter – in the summer as a shawl and in the winter worn double as a scarf.

  46. I’ve not yarn but would love to and I adore the Tokyo shawl. The colour combinations are dreamy!

  47. I really rate Isager yarns, and love the creative versatility of knitting different strands together! I might try some with Habu stainless steel…..

  48. I have recently fallen in love with Spinni and plan to combine Spinni with the silk mohair to make a brioche scarf – I’m excited to start. Just love the colors and feel of this yarn.

  49. How beautiful is the Lace sweater in the BEAUTIFUL Isager yarn! Would, love, love to knit this project!

  50. The Tokyo shawl is absolute perfection. I would love to win a copy of Artisan, thank you four the chance of winning. Hope to visit you in London one day.

  51. This yarn and the shawl look just my style. Thank you for the opportunity to win. And now to order some spinni! I just love the muted colors. And the name!

  52. Wow beautiful unknown wool I had never seen! Would definitely love to win… and must look into these patterns more!

  53. I haven’t come across this yarn before-it looks gorgeous! I would love to try some of Marianne Isager’s patterns using this wool.

  54. I am knitting a Northmavine Hoody in Isager Tvinni and its turning out so well! Absolutely love the yarn and the tonal colours melt together perfectly in the hoody. On my list is also a summer card in Japanese cotton. But…the Ivory jumper pictured above on the blog is just begging to be cast on.

  55. I had the pleasure of visiting the isager shop in northern denmark last summer and it was amazing. Spinni has to be my favourite yarn, the colours are gorgeous and it’s lovely to knit with. So happy it’s available in london too now!

  56. I have knitted several of Isagers sweaters and if my budget allowed, I would only knit in Isager yarns, they are such a you to knit with and wear.

  57. I would love to crochet a shawl using Spinni. Imagine how light and delicate it would look!

  58. I have a soft spot for lace yarn and would love to give this one a go. And as I bought the Botanical Dying Book on a recent visit to Loop I’d love to try mixing it with some home-dyed yarn!

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