Loveliness for 2019 – new classes and events!

Loveliness for 2019 – new classes and events!

Hello and a happy New Year from all of us at Loop! The year has only just begun, but we already have so many wonderful things coming up in 2019 and we’re so excited to share them with you. We have some very special classes and events planned, new yarns arriving, and of course we have Edinburgh Yarn Festival to look forward to!


Cecile Franconie at Loop Knitting London
Cecile Franconie workshops will be taking place at Loop this year

We are absolutely delighted to announce new textile and stitching classes that will be taking place throughout 2019. We will be welcoming some very talented women to Loop this year from London and around the world, and we hope you’ll want to join them for their classes.

Celia Pym at Loop London
Celia Pym will be returning to teach with us

Celia Pym will be teaching at Loop again throughout this year. Celia is a skilled artist working with darning, knitting and embroidery. Her work has been shown at the Victoria and Albert Museum, The Royal Festival Hall and Pumphouse Gallery here in London as well as other museums around the world.

Celia Pym at Loop London
Patching and Stitching work by Celia Pym

This year, Celia is introducing a brand new class to Loop, which we are very excited about. The ‘Patching and Stitching‘ class will explore repairing well-loved fabrics with precious scrap patches and hand sewn darning, taking inspiration from Boro quilts. Celia will also be teaching her wonderful mending workshop, where you will be able to explore mending and darning woollen and knitted textiles.

Celia Pym Darning and vintage darning mushrooms at Loop London
The sofa in our London shop, expertly repaired by Celia Pym, shown with our vintage darning mushrooms

We also have a special event with Celia coming up in January. Celia will be in conversation with Hikaru Noguchi on Saturday 19th January, when we will have Hikaru’s wonderful book about darning and a pop-up shop of her designs and accessories.

Hikaru’s beautiful knitted textile accessories were one of the first things we stocked when we first opened Loop. Her distinctive style of modern, brightly coloured fair isle knits are so beautiful. We’ve enjoyed watching her develop another layer to her knits with visible mending and embroidery, just adding another layer to her beautiful work. The book is due to arrive in the shop next week, and so will also be available for purchase on our website soon. On the evening of our talk, we will be offering a discount on every copy sold.

Hikaru Noguchi at Loop London
Hikaru Noguchi’s darning book

These talented ladies will be discussing visible mending, stitching, embroidery and surface design, as well as how they incorporate these things into their process and design. This talk is a rare opportunity to hear two stitching experts discussing their work, while Hikaru visits London from Japan.

Hikaru Noguchi at Loop London
Some of Hikaru Noguchi’s beautiful darning

We also have two special workshops booked with Cecile Franconie of ‘Facile Cecile’. Cecile is a textile artist who has shown her work in exhibitions in France, Japan and around the world. The classes we have at Loop will be focused around delicate embroidery, and you will be embellishing and stitching a little embroidery book to keep all your needles safe.

Cecile Franconie at Loop Knitting London
Cecile Franconie hand embroidered needle book

Some of our favourite sewing materials are the Temaricious hand dyed threads. These beauties are dyed with plants in Japan. We will also be receiving a delivery from Temaricious this month, so you can stock up!

Temaricious naturally dyed threads for Loop London
Temaricious naturally dyed thread bundles

We also love our vintage darning mushrooms, which are perfect for repairing the elbows of jumpers, and the toes of your favourite socks. These pair perfectly with our Sajou darning threads, which we have in a great range of colours, as well as the Plant Dyed by Mehlsen yarn; little bundles of plant dyed loveliness from Denmark. These are wonderful for more decorative embroidery, similar to Hikaru Noguchi’s work!

Vintage Darning Mushrooms at Loop London
Vintage darning mushrooms in our London shop and online

As we briefly mentioned above, we will be exhibiting at Edinburgh Yarn Festival again this year, which we are incredibly honoured and excited about. We will let you know more details in a future post.

Loop Knitting is exhibiting at EYF
We are so excited to tell you that Loop is exhibiting at EYF in 2019

We are also thrilled to announce that we are expecting a delivery of Harrisville Designs newest yarn, Nightshades, at Loop in the next few weeks. We will let you know more information about this soon!

There is so much to look forward to in 2019, and we can’t wait to start another wonderful year!

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  1. My husband loves to darn his socks! We are both wishing that we had enough cash to fly from CHicago to London JUST for the darning workshop! How fun would that be? Darn it! Just that pesky little thing called a bank account stands in the way.

    Have fun!

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