Welcome to Loop, Nightshades!

Welcome to Loop, Nightshades!

Wow! We are so honoured and excited to welcome a new yarn to Loop, Harrisville Designs’ Nightshades. This is a moody and wonderful DK weight yarn, which is an American Cormo and Wool blend, with an airy 3-ply spin. This yarn is grown in Montana, scoured in Texas, dyed in Philadelphia, and spun in New Hampshire (where some of Brooklyn Tweed’s original yarns are also spun).

Loop is very proud to be the exclusive UK stockist of this wonderful and very unique yarn.

Harrisville Designs Nightshades at Loop London
All ten lovely shades of Nightshades

Harrisville Designs is a small family owned company maintaining over 200 years of textile traditions, that represents a handful of woolen mills left in the United States. Woolen yarn has been spun in the water powered, brick mill town of Harrisville since 1794. This small village is nestled in the Monadnock Highlands of southwestern New Hampshire and is the only industrial community of the early 19th Century that still survives in America in its original form.

Harrisville Designs Nightshades at Loop London
Main colours shown: Cinder, VCR and Insomnia


We are so excited to be a stockist for a company with such a rich textile history. We know Nightshades will become an instant favourite for us all at Loop. We stock all 10 of these amazing colours at Loop, but some of our favourite shades are VCR, Talk Radio, Street Light, Dashboard and Cinder.

nightshades Yarn at Loop Knitting London VCR
The shade ‘VCR’
nightshades Yarn at Loop Knitting London Dashboard
The shade ‘Dashboard’

When talking about Nightshades, Harrisville Designs says,

“Nightshades was inspired by the deep shadows that dance on your ceiling at night. Sometimes sleeplessness can bring about unexpected inspiration. At Harrisville Designs, we think, live, breathe, and sometimes dream in colour ratios. Thus began the journey to create a palette that celebrates the strange beauty of night.

This yarn is spun as a springy 3-ply. It is light and perfect for a heavy wear garment, or a light accessory.”

We’ve picked out some patterns from our shop that we think would be perfect for this very special new yarn. Have a look to get inspiration for your next project!

Paris Toujours at Loop London
Paris Toujours by Isabell Kraemer

First up, we picked out this comfy and cosy shawl, designed by Isabell Kraemer. When knitted in a DK weight, Paris Toujours will become an instant favourite for the cold winter months. This would be perfect knitted in ‘Cinder’, black marbled with orange.

nightshades Yarn at Loop Knitting London Cinder
The shade ‘Cinder’

Next we picked out Andrea Mowry’s Comfort Fade Cardi. The pattern used several different colours of yarn and ‘fades’ them together in Andrea’s classic style, but we think this pattern is a wonderful blank canvas for a special yarn. Knit this one up in ‘Street Light’ and you’ll have a new wardrobe staple!

Comfort Fade Cardi at Loop London
Comfort Fade Cardi by Andrea Mowry (Drea Renee Knits)
nightshades Yarn at Loop Knitting London Street Light
The shade’ Street Light’

Lastly, we chose the Wadachi Pullover from Daruma. With its simple construction and addictive lace and cable panel, this sweater will fly off your needles. Wadachi was originally designed for Daruma’s Genmou yarn, but in the Harrisville Designs Nightshades, the fabric will be lightweight and easy to pair with almost anything. We’re wanting to cast this on in the colour ‘Talk Radio’.

Wadachi Pullover at Loop London
Wadachi Pullover by Yellowcosmo for Daruma
nightshades Yarn at Loop Knitting London Talk Radio
The shade ‘Talk Radio’

We hope you are as excited about Nightshades as the team here at Loop! We are also so happy to announce to you that we will have this yarn on our stand at Edinburgh Yarn Festival later on this spring, so look out for us and this wonderful yarn there!

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