Silvestre Mitts – a beautiful new Loop pattern and a giveaway!

Silvestre Mitts – a beautiful new Loop pattern and a giveaway!

This week we are so happy to announce our newest pattern at Loop – the Silvestre Mitts, designed by Skeindeer for Loop. The word ‘Silvestre’ is old Latin for ‘woodlands’. These luxurious mitts are knitted in Jamieson’s Shetland Spindrift, which is a lovely pure Shetland wool, with a 2ply spin. This is a favourite yarn of Eli, the lovely lady behind Skeindeer.

This pattern is wonderful as it is for fingerless mitts or full mittens and from child to adult extra large sizes. Something for everyone! And we have made beautiful kits for you and are giving two away this week!

We talked to Eli about her new pattern, her design process and her relationship to Loop.

Could you tell us a little bit about where your idea for the pattern came from?

The idea for the pattern very much came from my love of woodland motifs. Among all my knitting project bags, there is a good portion of them have prints of deer, bunnies, trees and squirrels. It seemed very fitting to Loop’s aesthetic as well and so I went with it.

Can you tell us about your design process? How do you set about coming up with new designs?

I have surprisingly little insight into my own pattern creation process. They just come to me. It helps that I think very visually, so often the main challenge is to get what it’s in my head onto the needles. Most of the time I start off by charting a motif, as most of my designs are stranded colourwork. Then there is a lot of spreadsheets. Not very sexy, but there you go.

Silvestre Mitts in 768 Eggshell and 890 Mocha, the Mocha colour way of our kits.

What has Loop and our knit night meant to you over the years?

I have lived and worked next to Loop for over 7 years. When I moved from Norway to London in 2011 I didn’t fully understand Loop. It’s a very unique shop, and so different from the yarn shop scene in Norway that I was used to. Loop has since been part of my journey to knit with more indie designed patterns, hand dyed yarns and small producers, to eventually become an indie designer myself. It’s now the first place I go to for the latest knitting publications, and I may have filled out a loyalty card or two… or three.

Jamieson’s of Shetland yarn. All images above by Kristin Perers for Loop London. Copyright applies.

Do you have a favourite ‘item’; one that you love to design or work on?

Mittens have always been my go-to item to design. My whole designer journey started with making Norwegian Selbu Mitten patterns that are approachable for those who are new to making colourwork mittens. I have since made mittens of a variety of styles and weights, but all colourwork. In fact, I think the Silvestre mittens might be my 20th mitten design!

Finally, what is your favourite yarn at Loop?

My favourite yarn at Loop is hands down Jamieson’s Spindrift. I love love love woollen spun 2 ply sheep yarn. It’s perfect for colourwork and you can cut (steek) straight through it without any unravelling. It’s no coincidence that this is the yarn I made the Silvestre mittens with. Other favourites include, Isager Highland Wool, anything Quince & Co, and the new Harrisville Nightshades DK. 

Thank you so much to Eli for answering our questions!

We have put together a few different colour combinations for these mitts, we want a pair in every colour!

The Silvestre Mitts are available as kits in either the ‘Jupiter’ or ‘Mocha’ colour ways; you will get 3 balls of Spindrift yarn, the pattern and a Loop cotton shopper bag. We also have the printed pattern available to purchase individually.

If you would like the PDF of the Silvestre Mitts, it is available though Skeindeer on Ravelry.

We are also running a giveaway for this wonderful kit!

If you would like to enter our giveaway, please leave us a comment telling us which version you would like to make (mittens or fingerless mitts), and in which colour way – Mocha or Jupiter.

The giveaway will close on Thursday 24th January, and we will pick a winner at random here on the blog.

We will also pick one winner over on Instagram! Simply follow our IG account @LoopLondonLoves and either repost our image or use one of your own using the hashtag #LoopLovesSilvestreMitts – we’ll choose both winners next week and notify the winners on Friday morning of the 25th January. Feel free to enter in both places and best of luck!

We hope you love this pattern as much as we do! Thank you to Eli for designing this gorgeous pattern for us.

This giveaway is now closed.

129 Comments on “Silvestre Mitts – a beautiful new Loop pattern and a giveaway!

  1. Such a gorgeous pattern and using one of my favourite yarns too. I would love to knit these mittens in the ‘mocha’ shade

  2. I would use mocha such lovely colours and would be finger gloves! So much more use for them for me. What an absolute gorgeous pattern.just love it!

  3. I would love to make these as fingerless gloves in the mocha. Anything with a deer on it and I’m sold. These are so sweet.

  4. I would love to boost my confidence in colourwork knitting and these would be the ideal choice. Cold winter? It has to be Mocha for me – warm hands in mittens wrapped around a steaming hot mug.

  5. I love this new pattern and kits, particularly the owl in the tree. So loop’s spirit.
    I like the Jupiter shades for the mittens

    • Oh and it’s tough choice but I think the fingerless mitts would be the version for me, perhaps with an extra long cuff for folding over at the fingers end (if that makes sense!).

  6. I love the combination of the lacy cuff and motif main part. After making fingerless mittens for friends, I would make the juniper full mittens for ME! Never knitted mittens before.

  7. Beautiful pattern.
    If I was lucky enough to win I’d have full mittens ( it’s cold up in Cumbria ) and in mocha.
    Thanks for the chance ❤️

  8. Absolutely beautiful mittens. Never having knitted any form of glove before, this looks a stunning project on which to start. Jupiter and the fingerless mitts would be my choice. Thank you for offering this lovely seasonal giveaway.

  9. I love the Woodland theme, and I love fingerless mitts, so useful. I would like the mocha colourway if I am lucky enough to win a kit!

  10. I love the juniper, full mittens for me, I recently made my first pair, they are so warm, I’m now addicted to mittens. This pattern is so attractive, I love the woodland scene.

  11. What a lovely giveaway! I would love to knit the Silvestre Mitts in the ‘Jupiter’ colourway! I would definately make the full mittens.

  12. I’m only now entering the world of two colour knitting and these are just divine! Hard to decide on my preferred shade… let’s go with mittens in Mocha!

  13. Hmm, the first pic I saw was for the fingerless version and it was pretty appealing, but then you get an owl and the moon, so I think I would have to do the full version. As for the color, I’m a purple gal, so I’d go with Jupiter, though I can’t deny wondering how this would look with a rainbow variegated option: purple moon, blue owl, green/yellow tree, down to orange/red deer, toadstool, and squirrel!

  14. I think everyone in my family would love a pair of these, from 9 months old to 89 years! For myself I would love to knit the fingerless mitts in Mocha. Jamieson’s Spindrift has such fab colours they would all be very different.

  15. The Jupiter mitts would be a lovely birthday gift to myself and the perfect occasion to visit London and Loop again.

  16. Would love to knit the Jupiter fingerless mittens. I love Jamieson’s Spindrift. Such an incredible choice of colours.

  17. So difficult to choose it’s such a lovely pattern, but I think I would knit the fingerless mitts in Mocha.

  18. Such a great design in sizes for the whole family. Jamieson’s Spindrift is wonderful for colour work. I would like to knit the full mittens in Juniper.

  19. I want a pair in every color too! I’ve never tried knitting something like these mittens before, but they look stunning and so inspiring. I would knit the full mittens in Mocha!!

  20. These mitts in Jupiter would be a lovely birthday present for myself and the perfect occasion for another visit to London and Loop.

  21. What beautiful mitts. I saw them on your Instagram feed first and fell in love with them ♥️ The cuff on the mitts is so feminine and delicate. I would love to knit the mittens in mocha.

  22. What an Alaskan mitten! All of our wildlife friends that come through the yard on a regular basis just to see what’s going on…the Jupiter colorway kit has the perfect match for the winter light here. Well done!
    And thank you Skeindeer for sharing your Selbu teaching pattern! I had taken a stranded Selbu class and seriously considered quitting knitting! I found and followed your pattern and instruction and now have a new knitting love…mittens!!
    Jupiter mitten kit would make me very happy!!

  23. Fingerless mitts in mocha for me or as my twin daughters have now seen the pictures, Mocha for one daughter who loves this pattern and colourway and Jupiter fingerless mitts for the other! Looks like lots of knitting for me to keep everyone happy!

  24. They are so beautiful !!! Love them !! I would knit the mittens in jupiter. Thank you for the give away.

    Nice we!

  25. I absolutely love the jupiter colourway and if I was lucky enough to win I would like to make the mittens

  26. I would love to knit the mittens in juniper, the pattern is delightful and mittens are so warm to wear and the weather is getting colder.

  27. These are just lovely, and oh how I’d like to try knitting these as mittens in Jupiter! A perfect project for January.

  28. Easy to choose – full mittens in Jupiter. Will remind me of the 4 deer who turn up in the field by my garden and the pair of owls who call to one another (and keep me awake!)

  29. OH- these are so lovely!! This is a must-make for me, as I live in a forested area and this reflects the animals I see often. Love the tree and moon!! The Owl!! So perfect. Plum is one of my favorite colors right now, especially to wear, so Jupiter would be my choice right now. Will get this pattern either way.

  30. I’d definitely do the ‘fingerless mitts’ and in the colourway Mocha. It would be a great starter for me as I haven’t tried stranded colourwork yet x

  31. I love that these mittens have a generous cuff. I would make the full mittens in Jupiter to take advantage of all the interesting pattern details.

  32. Oh, these mittens are SO beautiful!!! I LOVE them. I especially like the juniper colour! The design is exquisite!

  33. Hi, thanks for this wonderful yarn and amazing colours! My favourite are fingerless mitts Jupiter. Good luck to me :)

  34. Ooooh I have never seen such a romantic design before. Real ‘picture-book’ images for your hands. Our lives have been turned upside down recently but it has led us (the silver lining) to begin to slowly plant a wood on our plot. We imagine our wood will one day be full of all the creatures on these beautiful mittens.

    I would love to be able to knit the fingerless mittens in Mocha please. Thank you.

  35. Love these mitts, Eli is getting me addicted to her mittens, I like both the fingerless ons and the full mittens

  36. Ooh , how lovely . I would love to knit the full mittens in Jupiter . Thank you for the oppotunity . Good luck everyone .

  37. What a beautiful pattern. I’d love to knit the full mittens for myself in Jupiter (and then matching ones for my daughter!)

  38. Such a beautiful pattern – you stock such glorious yarns. Jupiter mittens for me please. Fingers and toes crossed!!

  39. It’s been -20 this week, so full-fledged mittens are a must. The Jupiter kit is great for adding a bit of colour to winter too!

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