Mabel Cardigan – Free Loop Baby Pattern!

Mabel Cardigan – Free Loop Baby Pattern!
Mabel Cardigan by Fiona Alice

Say hello to the Mabel Cardigan in Linea Botanica by Rico Yarns.

Mabel Cardigan by Fiona Alice
Mabel Cardigan by Fiona Alice

We are so proud to present to you the latest pattern by Fiona Alice in collaboration with Susan Cropper of Loop London. Susan wanted to offer a baby pattern knit in this wonderful new yarn and had been knitting a version of Mairlynd’s Moonraker Shawl – she was completely smitten with the cluster stitches used in that pattern and thought it would make a natural lovely yoke for a cardigan. With a few sketches back and forth between the two, Fiona set her skills to work. 


Fiona tells us a little about her thoughts and process behind the design.

Mabel was truly a collaboration between Susan and myself. Susan presented me with the idea to do a baby cardigan – actually my first cardigan of any size. I decided it was time to venture into the world of jumper design. We began by talking about her favourite stitches and textures and after that discussion, I was able to run with ideas. 

I knew I would be using Rico’s new Linea Botanica. Immediately I felt that these natural and delicate shades would find a special home in Loop’s colour palette. So I decided to let myself be inspired by the shop. I don’t have any small children in my close circle of family and friends so therefore I haven’t been inspired to design many baby patterns. I wanted a cardigan that would embody Loop’s vintage and playful aesthetic. I also drew inspiration from the many knitters who I’ve helped during my time on the shop floor. Novice learners to master gurus have passed through Loop’s doors and I wanted a design that might peak the interest of both categories of knitters. Hopefully adventurous beginners will be excited to tackle new stitches while enjoying the easy construction of a top-down cardigan. Perhaps experienced knitters will be intrigued by the detailed yoke and then a fast and simple knit for the remainder. Loop and I are quite excited to present Mabel to you, my first cardigan. Mabel, as a name, means loveable and dear, and it is my hope that this new design lives up to its name! 


Fiona is a brilliant designer from Nova Scotia, Canada, (and former Loopette!). She is the designer behind the beautiful new pattern ‘Phos’, knit in Chickadee by Quince & Co that is in the new Autumn 16 edition of Amirisu as well as our very own Blossom Bunting – another free pattern on our blog here, knit in The Border Mill for Loop. Fiona is currently back home in Nova Scotia but is hoping to return to London and Loop soon.

Fiona Alice is also the author of Take Heart: A Transatlantic Knitting Journey – the very first book from Pom Pom press and a book we adore at Loop.

Linea Botanica in Flava (top) and Violacea (bottom)
Linea Botanica in Alba and Caerula
Linea Botanica in Violacea and Caerula
Linea Botanica in Taupe and Rubra

We loved this new Rico yarn as soon as we saw it. 100% Organic wool and dyed with all natural dyes – what’s not to love? And it’s perfect for knitting and crochet for babies and children. It’s all natural right down to the labels and comes in six beautifully organic colours.

Here’s a short video tutorial on how to do the Cluster Stitch:

And what could be better than a free pattern this adorable? Well a giveaway of course! We have 3 skeins of the Linea Botanica up for grabs, enough to make either of the first three sizes. Simply comment below and tell us why you’d love to knit this lovely cardigan. This week you can even double your chance of winning by reposting our image on Instagram and make sure you use the hashtag #LoopMabelCardigan to enter the draw. This giveaway has now ended.

To download the pattern, simply click right here or on the image below.

Errata: There’s an error on the sleeve measurements in this pattern. They should be 13 (15, 18, 23) cm / 5 (6, 7, 9)”.
Updated PDF will follow shortly.

This pattern was designed by Fiona Alice for Loop, London. 2016
Photography and Styling by Susan Cropper. Tech edit by Rachel Atkinson.
This pattern is the property of the designer, herein known as Loop Knitting Ltd. The pattern and images are copyrighted and are for personal and non-profit use only. This means you can knit it for yourself, for a gift or charity.
You may not sell a garment made from this pattern. You may not reproduce this in print or for a website.
It may not be translated, reproduced or circulated in another language without prior agreement.
Thank you and enjoy your knitting!

166 Comments on “Mabel Cardigan – Free Loop Baby Pattern!

  1. Sooooooooo cute! This will be a great pattern to make for my almost three year old niece for either her birthday or Christmas! I love the blue and cream vintage look too! When do we get the grown up version?

    • I would love the chance to try this yarn as the colours look beautiful .I also want to learn cluster stich to knit this pattern.

        • Hi Teresa,
          We’ve updated the video so you should be able to watch it now. Thanks for letting us know! Any more problems, send us an email at the shop.

      • Hello, I made this sweater and love it and loved making it! I did notice a problem with the last row of the hem. I made size 3 and was supposed to have 139 stitches but when you knit the last row, you are adding 44 stitches for a total of 183 stitches. It made a little bit of a ripple at the hem rather than a straight edge. Let me know if you need any further details about it. Thank you!

        • Hello Linda,

          We’re glad you enjoyed this pattern!

          If you’re referring to the cluster stitch, there shouldn’t be any increase in stitches at the hem. I.e. you should end with 139 stitches. Please feel free to email the shop at if you want to discuss this further!

          • I’m having the same issue. Making the 1-2 year old size and hem stitch count went from 139-183.
            What did I do wrong and how do I fix it?

          • Hi Andrea,

            Once you start working on the hem you should not be increasing anymore. The first row of the hem decreases two stitches and then you work with those over the next 11 rows, including one row of cluster stitches. Please feel free to email the shop at if you want to discuss this further!

          • I ran into this issue aswell and looking at the pictures and my own work it looks like Row 6 in colour B creates this problem. When working “[yo, knit the 5 sts together again] 3 times” a total of 7 stitches (including the first knit) are created in lieu of the 5 from the previous row and therefore creating 2 extra sts per cluster.
            I didn´t mind the little ruffle this creates and just left it like that.

    • The Mabel pattern is so beautiful. It’s colourful, fashionable and would be a joy to knit and such a pleasure to see a baby wearing it.

  2. Perfect little stash busting cardigan. I don’t have little ones anymore but I would probably send it to Knit for Peace. Love the cluster stitch!

  3. Such a cute pattern, i knitted moonraker as well and loved the cluster stich. I will have a babygirl in November, so i would Love to knit mabel for her!

  4. I would love to knit this little beauty for my brand new first granddaughter Aria Slyvie. She is 2 weeks old and the most beautiful thing in our lives!

  5. I love this pattern so much and the gorgeous wool you’re giving away especially the Rubra shade. I would love to knit this for my eighteen month old daughter Alice, she is having problems with her eye and needs an eyepatch/glasses and a pretty cardigan to match would be the sweetest.

  6. I am intrigued by the idea of the cluster stitch and always up for a new challenge so would love to knit this for one of the little people in my life

  7. I knit for my daughters a lot and I want to make matching cardigans for Christmas. This pattern is just perfect, a little bit more special with the beautiful yoke. Georgeous.

  8. Beautiful shades, just finished my first simple cardi for my little girl so this looks like a good challenge! Xx

  9. I really want to knit this for my niece (and try the cluster stitch pattern!) – she would look so adorable in it :)

  10. Love this pattern and the yarn. I would knit this and then donate to my Mum to sell for her charity craft and gift stall at Christmas .

  11. Beautiful! Both the intriguing pattern and the amazing yarn. I haven’t tackled much colour work, but with the incentive of a two month old niece to knit for, I’d love to try this out :-)

  12. I would love to try this pattern in the yarn it was written to use! In what a sweet little cardigan. I have a pregnant friend who is due any day– she is definitely knit-worthy! I made her a layette set incorporating the baa-ble hat pattern for her sheepy nursery. This would be perfect for a first Christmas present!

  13. What an adorable cardigan – I can think of some deserving little girls who’d look fantastic in this. A perfect colour palette too – modern, vintage, feminine but not girly all at the same time!

  14. I love this sweater!!! I need to make three of them for my granddaughters — Nora is 4 years old, Fiona 2 1/2 and Penelope 8 months. I’m envisioning the Christmas card photo now!

  15. This is absolutely adorable! If postage wasn’t sooo expensive to Canada, I would order the yarn so I will find something here! This is going to be the perfect cardi gift for close friends! Thank you!

  16. The yoke is so beautiful! I have 4 little nieces who I love to knit for and I think at least one might need this sweet sweater. Thank you for making your lovely pattern free! The color palettes you’ve chosen are gorgeous!

  17. I love it, both the pattern and the colours . I’ve been Looking for a pattern for my newest grandchild. This is so different and looks as though it could have been an heirloom. PErhaps it will be saved for the next generation knitted by the Gramma or by then the Great Gramma
    Can’t wait to get the needles clicking

  18. Both the yarn and the pattern are lovely. I would love to get to visit Loop but if the closest I came was to use this yarn and pattern inspired by the shop it might be the next best thing-plus my knitting friend is expecting twin girls!

  19. I would love to knit this for my granddaughter she is only 15 months and with the cooler weather coming I can imagine her wearing it with one of her lovely little dresses. So cute!

  20. This pattern has made me so happy. I have a new niece due in a few weeks so I’m going to make her the 0-6 months size and invert the colours so her big sister has a matching one. Perfect!

  21. A beautiful pattern and yarn. How great to see a design that is traditional and classic. Nothing better than seeing children in cosy handknitted cardigans/jumpers. Please can we also have a pattern for a boy….no little girls to knit for at present….all baby boys, but have downloaded the pattern for future use. Thank you.

  22. I fell in love with this beautiful cardi at the same time I saw! I have many little peeps around here (nieces, nephews and grandniece too!) and I love to knitt it for them!

  23. This is perfect yarn to knit a sweet little cardigan for a friend’s new baby girl.

    I think I might just have three suitable buttons in my button box, and you all have supplied the pattern.

    Just need the yarn….

    Best wishes,

  24. What an adorable pattern. I have just downloaded it. Unfortunately I won’t be able to visit Loop before Christmas this year, so to win this yarn would be fantastic. I intend to knit this for my granddaughter Hollie for her 1st Christmas.

    Kind regards


  25. With THREE new babies coming in the family at the end of Feb/beg of March, this is perfect – the pattern and the timing – it’s serendipity!

  26. What a lovely elegant cardigan! I would love to make this for the little ones my good friends are starting to add to their families. Thanks for the pattern!

  27. I already have this on my must make list! I’m expecting our fourth baby next year after losing our third early this year, I am finally getting to the point that I’m feeling positive about this baby instead of just worried and more excited than scared and I need to actually start preparing hand-knits for our baby to be (after losing two, it’s hard to stay positive even when everything looks great and the baby is fine!). I already have the moonraker pattern but haven’t gotten to it yet and I think this would be a great introduction to the stitch pattern that made me purchase it in the first place!

  28. The perfect cardi for my perfect granddaughter ..lovely natural colours in organic pure wool..for delicate baby love love

  29. What a lovely top down baby card! I’ve got 2 to knit in the next couple of months- I try to send something hand knitted to every new family I know, and this pattern looks perfect. Would be fantastic to try the new rico yarn, but I’ll be downloading the pattern anyhow :-)

  30. How wonderful to offer this lovely cardigan for free! Can’t wait for the stitch tutorial next week. My new granddaughter will look adorbs in this cardigan. Now to figure out which color yarn to use : )

  31. I have been knitting the five-hour-baby sweater for nearly 20 years. So simple and knit from the top down. My friend Barb keeps pushing me to do something more advanced. This looks like it might be the pattern. I have printed out the pattern and am ready to knit the 2-4 size. Moving on up!!

  32. Matching outfits for my 3 years and 8 month old boys! The navy and white would go with their predominantly nautical wardrobe!

  33. With our changeable Spring weather here at the other side of the world (Tasmania) and a new baby just arrived in the family a matter of weeks ago, this darling cardi would make the ideal garment to see her through to Summer.

    Well done Fiona & Loop

  34. I have two new adorable baby cousins. They are already outgrowing the new baby knits I made them so it’s time to start thinking about their Christmas knitted gifts.

  35. I would love to knit this for my niece for Christmas. I love the classic shape of the cardi with the interest of the stitch pattern in the yoke. It’s fabulous!

  36. What a lovely pattern! I can’t wait to try it. As always, Loop is ahead of everything in the knitting business. I will definitely try this new yarn, love the Taupe and Rubra. This is going to be for my little niece coming to the world in January.

  37. The Mabel cardigan caught my eye because it is charming in a classic yet modern design. Thank you for sharing.

  38. I want to make this because it’s adorable, and the aran weight yarn means it will be quick! Perfect for a last-minute baby gift, next time a girl comes along

  39. A wonderfully sweet cardigan to knit for my friend’s little one. Love the organic wool and natural dyes as well–the perfect combination!

  40. I would knit my gorgeous Caitlin this beautiful Carrie in cream and blue, she would look adorable! Lovely pattern.

  41. What an adorable little sweater – pattern is downloaded and waiting to be made up for my great-niece. Violacea is gorgeous!

  42. One of my friends asked me if I can knit a jumper/cardi for her 1-year-old. I have been browsing patterns for a few weeks now, this one looks perfect! Would be great to knit it in an organic yarn as well, both my friend and I try to buy as many things organic as we can :)

  43. I would love to give the yarn and the pattern a go! The colours look lovely and I have a friend that will have a baby soon too :)

  44. I have already cast this on for my 18 month old niece – such a lovely pattern. I’m going to see if I can figure out the cluster stitch!

  45. I would dearly love to knit the Mabel Cardigan in Linea Botanica yarn because someone was thoughtful in assigning botanical names to the colorways. Latin sounds so clever. And, like every knitter, my fingers fairly dance just looking at this luscious flower of a yarn. Hashtag Lovely Linea!

  46. What a lovely pattern to share with us! And I would love to try the Rico wool and upgrade my knitting skills. There are no tiny persons among family and friends right now but I’ll be glad to give it as a present when the occasion comes along.

  47. Oh how pretty. And lovely to have a new technique combined with some simple straight knitting for in from of the telly. The colours are beautiful!

  48. I’d love to win this yarn to make the cardigan for my granddaughter Cerys’s first Christmas. She’d look so cute in this!

  49. This pattern is absolutely precious !! I have a new granddaughter and would love to make this for her…… Thank you for the pattern !!

  50. Super-cute pattern and the organic yarn looks absolutely gorgeous, I’d love to try it out and take it along to my knitting group. I’m a big fan of Fiona Alice and this is yet another beauty.

  51. This cardi is love with the first sight. I love the border details! It would be perfect knitting for my sweet niece!

  52. I have two adorable sons, perhaps one day they’ll give me an adorable granddaughter. You can’t be prepared to early can you?

  53. Just heard that my daughter’s best friend from school is expecting. She loves clean lines in both her home and her clothes, so I’d love to knit the version in Alba and Caerula.

  54. This is adorable’ the cluster stitch looks great – can’t wait to try it. And the cardi looks like a top-down seamless, the only way I now knit, having done back, fronts, sleeves and sewing up for about 30 years.

    Can’t wait to knit it

  55. This baby cardie is just so cool and I am going to knit it for my beautiful Grand Daughter. She is not yet born !

  56. Such a dear little cardi to knot for my great niece Elyzabel. Thank you! Of course I’d love to win the yummy yarn, but this is already a must-knit pattern.

  57. Love the yarn and the colours! My friend has just recently had a gorgeous baby girl, so I think a Mabel cardigan would be a lovely addition to her tiny wardrobe.

  58. I would love to knit Mabel because (deep breath), I could squish the lovely Linea Botanica while I knitted – and I could hold its irresistable softness against my face, and smell the wonderful wooly fragrance of its pure Organic loveliness. If that wasn’t enough, I could feast my eyes on the beautiful colours, glory in each adorable little cluster stitch on the yoke, and knit up Mabel for the sweetest little baby you ever did see.

  59. This is such a gorgeous pattern! I’m expecting my first baby in January and would love to knit this if it is a wee girl! Xxx

  60. I would love to win this yarn for my granddaughter……my first and only grandchild so far…hint hint Son

    ISabelle has just turned 6 months and this would be gorgeous for our cooler Autumnal weather. Of course I want to try the yarn and would love it in a sweater for me

  61. What a stunningly beautiful pattern. Thank you for allowing it free! Can’t wait to try this. And the yarn suits tha pattern so well. Just stunning.

  62. Gorgeous colors, adorable pattern and a never-ending progression of babies to knit for! Perfect! Thank you for a chance to win this lovely yarn.

  63. I love this! I’d love to knit it for my daughter. I’m trying to expand her hand knits this fall and winter and make some really gorgeous pics she can enjoy and save for future generations. This cardigan fits that perfectly.

  64. Thank you so much for the beautiful pattern! I would love to win the yarn, but will definitely knit this regardless. Love it!

  65. Thank you for the gorgeous free pattern knit in an equally gorgeous yarn! I would love to knit this for my beautiful great-niece who is two!

  66. What a beautiful garment – my 2 grandchildren would look lovely in matching jackets.
    Teaching school children to knit and this would be a brilliant lesson for the older children.
    Thank you x

  67. I love the natural free spirit of the cardigan and the yarn used. I would be kitting this for a young first time mom and dad due in 3 months…the dad is an American Indian and appreciated natural fibers, I would be so honored and proud to present them with this masterpiece in any of you color combinations.

  68. I have two boys, but my friends in New England have a baby girl and I am discovering all the cute things to knit for a girl !

  69. This is a beautiful cardigan, in gorgeous wool, would love to make this for my beautiful nieces who are expecting babies very soon Xxx

  70. Would love to knit this cardigan for our new little girl in the family, she wears have made all the time so perfect for the collection. Also I finished a project for her recently and would love to start another one ❤️

  71. I would love to try this yarn and beautiful pattern to knit this for our first grand daughter due Jan 9th

  72. This pattern is irresistible! I love learning new stitches, and to make this sweet cardi as a gift would be wonderful!

  73. My lovely friend Lucy has just moved to Hong Kong and is expecting a baby girl in late December. This lovely Mabel design would make the perfect gift!

  74. I’ve been knitting and crocheting for a few months now for a friend’s miracle baby. Would love to make this special sweater for a special miracle baby.

  75. I love this so much!! I have many friends and family with babies, it on the way, that I’d love to make this for!!

  76. I have two granddaughters and a great niece that need new sweaters! I have to live up to the name my grandson named me- “YaYa Ball of Yarn.”

  77. Beautiful cardigan! I would love to knit Mabel for a friend of mine that just had a precious baby girl & named her…of course, “Mabel”!

  78. I would love to win so I could knit my first garment! And keep hold of it for any future children so they could wear it :)

  79. This pattern is so sweet! I learned to love making baby sweaters last year after my coworker had a baby. I would love to make another one, especially one as cute as this!

  80. My beautiful new granddaughter would look stunning in this. Her Mummy loves the hand knitted X clothes I make her. It’s so beautiful!

  81. I love the simplistic design with a tiny bit of contrast to catch the eye of any viewer. I adore the colors chosen and envision beautiful fall walks for wee one’s in the cardigan – three of my adorable niece’s may acquire one of these!

  82. I’d love to win this as I have two week old premature twins in the hospital, and all this knitting for two is getting very expensive!

  83. The yarn arrived earlier this week and is devine. Soft beautiful colours and delicate handle look forward to knitting it up.

  84. Thank you so much for sharing your adorable little sweater pattern. There’s only one request I have to make … could you please make the colour changes more clear in the pattern? I’m not sure which row to knit with which. It tells you to break B but not if you rejoin A or rejoin B again. Thanks, for listening.

  85. Is it possible to enlarge this cardigan to size 5? I would love to make it for my daughter who is 4y old, but on the tall side so just to make sure it will fit her.

  86. Had a problem obtaining correct tension usingboth category 4 &5 (Aran/worsted) but was able to knit a garment using your cluster edging in Category 3 yarns & metric 4mm (US6) needles.
    I find when knitting top-down garments that knitting sleeves first on straight needles is easier for beginner knitters so this hint may help some of your members in this category.

  87. Great pattern! I’ve knitted it for my daughter. Only had a problem with sizing as the result for me with 2-4 years old size is that it seems fitting better a 4 years old than a 2…
    Many thanks for sharing that great model.

  88. On row 14 [instert needle into next st, wrap yarn twice around needle, pull through and drop st off LH needle] Do you instert need into next stitch as if knitting or purling the st?

  89. I just watched the tutorial for the cluster stitch in the Mabel baby sweater. I LOVE this sweater and I have watched the tutorial. Upon trying to knit it I am finding that after row 9 I don’t have the correct number of stitches on my needles. After the two rows of the cluster stitch tutorial, pattern says to knit row 10. I am obviously doing something wrong. Can you please walk me through the next step, the row after the tutorial. That would be most appreciated since I am at a standstill.
    Thanks so very much

  90. I knit sweaters for all the babies born in our church and I’m a bit (well more than a bit) of a yarn snob.

  91. Hello!

    Are we supposed to knit 4 times the loops on row 21 to get the right amount of stitches?

    If we knit three times it gives 5 stitches so no increases…


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