Polina Pullover Perfection! A Giveaway to Celebrate a Beautiful New Kit

Polina Pullover Perfection! A Giveaway to Celebrate a Beautiful New Kit

We have been eagerly awaiting Teti Lutsak’s Polina Pullover Kits with G-uld yarns and we’re so excited to finally have them we feel like celebrating!

That’s why we’ve been scheming with the lovely people behind G-uld yarns to team up and give away two Polina Pullover Kits on Instagram this weekend! Both Loop and G-uld will be giving away a kit in Teti’s original colourway, “Golden”. Read on for full details on how to enter to win.

The Polina Pullover. Photo © Teti Lutsak

First, more on the pattern and kit. This design is so so gorgeous and the story behind it is really beautiful as well. It’s just the kind of thing we love to share with all of our wonderful crafters. Teti came up with the idea for this sweater after visiting the home of Polina Raiko, a self-taught Ukrainian artist who covered the walls of her home in her colourful, naive style paintings. The colourwork motif seen in the Polina Pullover takes inspiration from some of the botanicals seen in her home.

Polina Pullover with a rolled neck option. Photo © Teti Lutsak

Sadly, Polina’s home was destroyed in the flooding following the bombing of the Kakhovka dam, so much of her work is now lost. It is devastating to see such a cultural loss as an outcome of war, and to think about all that we’re losing all around the world. That’s why it’s even more special that we have some of the beauty she created preserved in this sweater pattern, and so inspiring to see Teti honouring her Ukrainian heritage by keeping its art alive and bringing them to a new medium.

One way to customise the Polina Pullover is to knit an extra row of colourwork flowers. Photo © Teti Lutsak

The sweater itself is knit from the top down with three options for the neckline — folded, a standing mock neck, or a crew neck. Of course the main event here is the flower colourwork. The mirrored flowers are knit both on the yoke and the main body, with short rows between over the sleeves to make the sweater even more comfortable. If you want you can do a third row of flowers on the main body, but you’ll probably need to get a big more of the contrast colour if you’re using our kit. You can hear Teti talk all about the options and her process (plus a very special dyeing workshop at
G-uld) on her podcast.

Gorgeous G-uld yarns. This is the yarn that comes with our Deep Green kit in size A, covering sizes 1-3

The Polina Pullover Kit is available in two colours and can be ordered online or picked up in the shop. The “Gold” colourway is shown in most of the photos and we also have a “Deep Green” colour (the yarn is pictured above). The pattern covers six sizes, with size A of the kit working for sizes 1, 2, and 3 and size B of the kit working for sizes 4, 5, and 6. The kit comes with all the lovely yarn you’ll need to complete your chosen size plus a Loop project bag. The pattern is sold separately and can be purchased on Teti’s Ravelry page or her website.

If you want to enter to win a Golden colourway kit, here’s how:

  1. Follow @gulddk and @looplondonloves
  2. “Like” the post on our IG account about this giveaway
  3. Write a comment on the IG post with emojis that best describe YOUR weekend

You can do the same for the @gulddk post as well. There will be a winner from each of us, so you’ll have two chances to get the kit if you do! We’ll let you know if you’ve won on Tuesday 27 February by messaging you on Instagram. Good luck!

New Classes at Loop!

We’re so excited to be welcoming two stunning creators to the shop in the next few months to showcase and share their extraordinary skills. First, on 11 May, Duygu Turgut Gökpinar will be in the shop to teach a beginner crochet class where you will learn to make a Crochet Bandana. This is a really fun way to learn a new skill and have a sense of accomplishment as you leave the class with a fun and wearable item. Duygu has previously visited Loop to teach punch needle and we just love her energy. She’s a total delight to spend a day with!

Then, on 15 June the amazing Sophie Ochera will visit from France to share her stunning and unique colourwork. She is a master of colour and pattern, and her Fair Isle Workshop will help you begin to design your own Fair Isle knits. From learning why seamless yoked sweaters are the perfect canvas for this style of colourwork to choosing colours and learning how to sample circular knitting and even how to steek (eek!), this workshop is the perfect way to learn about or deepen your understanding of this stunning technique and start exploring!

Happy crafting!

2 Comments on “Polina Pullover Perfection! A Giveaway to Celebrate a Beautiful New Kit

  1. How very disappointing :-(
    As a fan of Teti Lutsak’s work I was initially delighted to get your post – but not for long.
    You used to be a company who recognised that many folk choose to not use Instagram, (or any social media, come to that) and offered an e-mail version for your giveaways.
    Please don’t reply that it is ‘the way the world is going’, as I was recently told.

    • Hello Kathleen, We’re really sorry for any disappointment. For this one competition in collaboration with G-uld this was the way we managed our giveaway, but our other giveaways are on both platforms and in general we try to make sure our newsletter and blog readers are just as involved as our Instagram followers. Thanks for understanding!

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