Scandi cool with PetiteKnit patterns

Scandi cool with PetiteKnit patterns
Beautiful spring colours for cosy sweaters!

We’re proud to say that Loop now stocks printed patterns from PetiteKnit! Mette is the wonderful woman and entrepreneur behind the brand of PetiteKnit. Mette channels her creativity into her passion for knitting, and we are so glad! These are really beautiful knitting patterns.

PetiteKnit patterns range from simple baby clothes to more complex adult patterns for sweaters and cardigans. We’re so excited to have these at Loop!

The patterns Mette designs are perfect ‘every day’ items of clothing – they wear well with jeans, as Mette often styles them, but can also be dressed up with skirts or dresses for a more ‘dressy’ look.

Almost all of the adult patterns from PetiteKnit use more than one yarn at once. Yarns are often held double or triple to achieve a thicker fabric, without it being overly heavy.

This technique allows to to play with colour mixing, which is a lot of fun! If you enjoy swatching and picking out colours, PetiteKnit patterns are definitely for you.

Often one strand of wool is held with one strand of silk mohair in these patterns, which creates gorgeous soft garments that are a dream to wear.

We’ve picked out some great patterns from PetiteKnit to start experimenting with colour mixing, and we’ve put together some colour combinations that we think would work really well.

The Novice Sweater has a lovely yoked construction, but these can stretch out with very soft or silky fabrics. So, to give it a little more structure, we think this would be perfect knitted up in Isager Alpaca 1 held with Big Bad Wool Weepaca.

Big Bad Wool Weepaca and Isager Alpaca 1 at Loop London
Big Bad Wool Weepaca in Minty and Isager Alpaca 1 in 46

The Balloon Sweater uses bright springy shades of lilac in the pattern, which lend themselves nicely to this lightweight sweater.

We would use Isager Silk Mohair held together with CaMaRose Yaku. If you fancy trying the sweater in a hand dyed yarn, the Qing Merino Singles held with the Qing Kid Mohair Silk would be perfect!

Lastly, the Sunday Cardigan is a wonderful pattern for a super cosy quick knit. Susan is currently knitting her own version of this, using the De Rerum Natura Cyrano held together with Ito Sensai. Susan is knitting a pink cardigan, using the Cyrano in Quartz and the Sensai in 335 Goat.

We think this would also be very beautiful knitted in Blue Sky Fibres Woolstok, held with the Isager Silk Mohair and the Isager Alpaca 1. Using these three yarns together will create a beautifully soft fabric, with wonderful depth of colour.

Our colour combinations are of course just suggestions. There are so many different combinations to choose from, take your time and pick one you know you’ll always wear!

There are also some wonderful PetiteKnit patterns for children and babies, we’ve picked out our favourite three here.

The Sunday Sweater Junior would be perfect knitted in the Rico Soft Merino Aran – how cute? You’ll be able to make matching sweaters for you and your little ones!

Sunday Sweater Junior at Loop London
The Sunday Sweater Junior

Anker’s Bonnet is just adorable for newborn babies, but the sizing goes up to 2 to 4 year olds as well. This would knit up wonderfully in either the CaMaRose Yaku, or the Brooklyn Tweed Peerie. Which ever one you choose, you’ll only need 50g!

Anker's Bonnet at Loop London
Anker’s Bonnet – so cute!

The Beginner’s Jacket, a perfect pattern for a more novice knitter, would be gorgeous in the Dandelion Rosy Sport. This yarn is 100% merino wool and organic, but it’s machine washable! Anna, from Dandelion, hand dyes these amazing bright colours, which would be perfect for babies and children.

Beginner's Jacket at Loop London
The Beginner’s Jacket

We hope you like the PetiteKnit patterns as much as we do. We’re all itching to cast on new garments for the Spring now these patterns have arrived!

Enjoy choosing your colour combinations!

PetiteKnit yarn suggestions at Loop London
Beautiful spring colours for cosy sweaters!

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