The Final Pattern of the Old Rose Wrap

The Final Pattern of the Old Rose Wrap
Meghan wears the Old Rose Wrap buttoned in the back.
Meghan wears the Old Rose Wrap buttoned in the back.
Meghan wears the Old Rose Wrap buttoned in the back.

I have finally completed the pattern for the Old Rose Wrap. I’m sorry it has taken me so long!

Yes, there were technical difficulties. I was hoping to be able to accompany the pattern with symbol craft charts, however I don’t have the programme to write them on my computer and it was proving very complicated to do it by hand.

Enjoy the pattern and please let me know if you find any errors or need clarification.

~Juju at Loop

9 Comments on “The Final Pattern of the Old Rose Wrap

  1. Thank you so much for the rest of the pattern. Now a question…

    I have already made 17 x 5 squares — and now see that the 2 rows added to each end will make my shawl 21 x 5 squares. The person I’m making it for is 5 ft. 10 inches — long and slender. Do you think this will be way too big? If so, I’ll have to frog 20 squares which breaks my heart! Any advice?

  2. Don’t frog those squares! Save them for something else–a cowl, perhaps, or edging for another project. Or ornaments for your Christmas tree. Crocheted squares can always be repurposed, I say. I used extra cotton counterpane squares to make facecloths.

  3. Thanks, Juju for sharing this beautiful pattern. I’m sorry it’s been such a pain to write, but appreciate your sharing it. Best to you at Christmas and in the New Year.

  4. Thank YOU so much for this pattern!!!!
    You’re a very great knitter!!!!
    I love all your patterns (which are really challenging me:)))
    And I fall in love with your “Layering shrug” but I’m not sure I will be able to do it… Let’s wait & see
    Thank you!!!
    And ☆♥°☆.·´¯`·.Happy 2011☆♥°☆·.¸¸.·

  5. hi there

    love the pattern and am making it for me to wear at christmas time THIS YEAR and am itching to get going further with this pattern

    Please could you help me with the instructions for completing the roses motifs
    I have made the first 3 rows of the block in the rose colour and completed the block with the back ground colour
    NOW I am stuck and only need to make a few more blocks and the roses
    I am not sure how to proceed next*

    Am I crocheting into the original ring I made at the centre of the block? 15 dc
    With 8 petals in the flower I am unsure where I should work

    Many thanks in antisipation of a swift responce Bridget

  6. Hola
    Estoy realizando el modelo, mr parecio maravilloso, me falta poco psrz terminarlo. El patron podria estar en español idealmentw.

    Me queda una duda de omo hacer la orilla antes del borde..

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