Tiny Tassels au Naturel — Welcoming Our Elliott and May Kit

Tiny Tassels au Naturel — Welcoming Our Elliott and May Kit

Oh boy. We’re bringing you a brand new edition of our Tiny Tassels Kit in collaboration with the dye studio Elliott and May and it’s dreamy-spectacular.

As you all know, the Tiny Tassels Shawlette is near and dear to our hearts here at Loop. Over the years we’ve featured so many iterations of it in our very favourite yarns and in collaboration with some of the most wonderful creators out there. It would be impossible to choose a favourite because they all mean so much to us, but the new Elliott and May version brings a different flavour to this old favourite that we think you’re going to love.

The wonderful texture and drape of Elliott and May yarns makes the Tiny Tassels Shawlette come to life in a whole new way.
© Katie May

The Elliott and May Naturally Dyed Tiny Tassels Kit is our first foray into a kit for this lovely pattern in plant fibres. The texture of the bamboo and linen blend yarn used here brings a whole new feeling and drape to this piece. It’s wonderful the way it moves through your fingers, and while it’s still plenty warm for chillier months, it does bring a certain summeriness to a great year-round accessory.

Yarns in progress at Elliott and May. © Aaron May of Wildflower Film

The Elliott and May studio and its beautiful yarns have an almost meditative quality about them. The company was founded by Katie May, who found that when her son, Elliott, was born it opened a whole new world of creativity in her. A lifelong maker, Elliott’s arrival inspired a slower, more reflective approach to life and to craft, and began Katie’s knitting career in earnest.

Every part of Elliott and May’s process is approached in a considered manner, from the fields and hedgerows of Dorset, England to your needles. The result is a yarn that is intrinsically linked to its time and place. With colours and palettes changing with the seasons, these yarns are like a snapshot of an English countryside day.

Our very special Elliott and May Naturally Dyed Tiny Tassels Kit is available in three colourways, Copper Beech, Dusky Pink, and Celeste. Each kit comes with all the yarn you’ll need to make a triangle shawlette and sweet tassels to line the two short sides. The kits also come with a printed version of the pattern and a Dove of Peace Project Bag.

Dyeing Naturally by Emma Kylmälä

We can’t wait to crack into this book!

We are so pleased to have a book on our shelves by the brilliant natural dyer and former Loopette Emma Kylmälä! Dyeing Naturally is the perfect way into the world of natural dyeing. With instructions on how to get started and inspiration to spark your imagination, you’ll soon be surrounding yourself with the colours of nature in your home and in your wardrobe. Emma is originally from Finland and now lives in London. She draws inspiration and materials for her own dyeing (check out her fantastic Town Dyer yarns, back in stock soon!) from her own small urban garden, from public spaces in the city, and from the Finnish countryside she visits in the summer. There are so many colours hiding in plain sight all around us — some of them super unexpected! Through natural dyeing we can begin to engage more deeply in the world around us, all while sporting some terrific tones.

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