Welcoming the Polina Pullover Kit — in Two New Colours!

Welcoming the Polina Pullover Kit — in Two New Colours!

In the three months since Teti Lutsak’s Polina Pullover Kits first landed at Loop, we’ve been falling for them over and over again, and now there are two new colourways to love as well!

In addition to Teti’s original colourway, “Golden”, we now have “Deep Sea Green” and “Pink” options for the Polina Pullover Kit contrast colour. All three kits use a wonderful undyed yarn as the main colour, which has a lovely oatmeal-like neutral colour. All the yarns are from the Danish indie dyer G-uld, where they use only natural dyes to create stunning colours through hand-dyeing processes. G-uld is also the studio behind The Colours of Nature, one of the most highly regarded books on natural dyeing.

This sweater is simply incredible. Teti came up with the idea for the pattern after visiting the home of self-taught Ukrainian folk artist Polina Raiko, who spent years covering the walls of her home in her colourful, naive style paintings. The colourwork motif seen in the Polina Pullover takes inspiration from some of the botanicals in Polina’s home. The flower colourwork pattern is knit on both the yoke and the main body in two rows that mirror each other.

The people behind G-uld studio are masters of plant dyeing. Here are some examples of the gorgeous hues they can achieve using plants!

One of the wonderful things about the Polina Pullover is that there are so many ways to customise it. For instance, you could add a third row of flowers below the second row (in which case you would likely need an extra skein of contrast colour) and the pattern specifies three different neckline finishes: folded, standing mock neck, or crew neck. As a top-down knit, it’s also super easy to adjust the length of the sweater to suit you perfectly.

The contrast colour options for Loop’s Polina Pullover Kit along with the main colour for all three.

If you want to hear more from Teti about how she came up with the pattern and talk through the different neckline options, make sure to check out her podcast.

Embroidery on Knits Workshop with Judit Gummlich

Join us at Loop in July to learn all you need to know to get started embellishing your knitwear! Embroidery on knits looks stunning and while it can feel intimidating to get started, it’s something that most knitters can get a hang of. Judit Gummlich is a total master of the craft, and she’ll be with us to teach an Embroidery on Knits Workshop in July. Our Saturday 20 July workshop is already sold out, but we’ve added another session on Sunday 21 July from 11am to 2pm. We’re once again partnering with our lovely neighbour Frequency Coffee to host the workshop, so you’re guaranteed a cosy atmosphere to learn and try out Judit’s techniques. In late June we’ll also be releasing something very special featuring one of Judit’s embroidery templates (stay tuned for more details!) so this will be a perfect opportunity to learn the stitching techniques you need straight from the designer herself!

Minä Perhonen Toast Bags

More Toast Bags have arrived from Minä Perhonen in Tokyo! These bags are so wonderful. Each one features six panels of totally unique fabrics from this incredible designer. And better yet they’re sustainably produced, using the offcuts of fabric for other projects to make wonderfully wearable artistic pieces. This is the last batch of Toast Bags we’ll be getting, so make sure to get your favourite colour option before they’re gone — and check out the rest of our Minä Perhonen collection while you’re at it!

Happy crafting!

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