Welcoming a Wonderful New Website

Welcoming a Wonderful New Website

Our new website is up and running and we’re so excited to share it with you! In addition to being beautiful and so fun to browse, it will make a lot of what we do so much easier.

From digital downloads to seamless EU shipping, all of our lovely customers will find something to get excited about on the new platform. Gift cards can now not only be emailed, but also stored via Apple Wallet to make spending and balance tracking so much easier. Our amazing collection of free Loop Blog Patterns will also be available for easy download (and of course will continue to live on the blog as well).

Loop Gift Cards in Apple Wallet

There will also be some changes to how certain products appear online. For instance, Shetland Spindrift, a yarn traditionally used for Fairisle knitting, has been split into two categories: Spindrift and Spindrift Neutrals. This is because of a quirk in the Shopify platform that only allows 100 variations on any given product, and we have Shetland Spindrift in a staggering 125 colours! We will continue to carry the same range of this gorgeous yarn as we have in the past, but neutral tones will be listed separately from the rest of the colours. Other quirks like this will be clearly marked on the website, but don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions!

Loop Originals in our new Gifts section

We can’t wait to see you on the new site. If you already have an account we’ve transferred your details, but because of password privacy laws, activation is up to you. You should receive an email with instructions on how to do this in the coming days if you haven’t already. Thanks again for bearing with us as we make this shift! Don’t forget to use the code WELCOME10 at checkout for 10% off your first order on the new website.

La Bien Aimée Corrie Confetti

La Bien Aimée Corrie Confetti – Greybow

We are so excited to have a limited edition yarn from La Bien Aimée in the shop. Corrie Confetti is a one-of-a-kind sister yarn to Corrie Worsted, inspired by Aimée Gille’s desire to recycle some of the waste yarn that came out of designing Corrie Worsted and other beautiful yarn bits from the La Bien Aimée studio. The result is a voluminous and fun yarn that behaves much like the original Corrie Worsted. It is soft, durable, and blooms beautifully with wet blocking. This spin is called Greybow. It combines a warm grey base with rainbow coloured recycled threads, giving knitted garments a fun flecked appearance.

La Bien Aimée Corrie Confetti – Greybow

Corrie Confetti is composed of 50% Falkland Corriedale, 30% Natural Recycled Fibers, and 20% La Bien Aimée Recycled Threads. It can be used for patterns calling for worsted weight or DK yarns, including all of the patterns in Aimée Gille’s book Worsted. This is a very special, one-off, limited edition yarn that is not usually sent to stockists. We are so honoured to have this yarn and it feels like the perfect way to celebrate the launch of our new website!

Rico Baby Merino Collection

A new collection of patterns for babies and children from Rico

Rico has released a collection featuring a pattern book, haberdashery, and yarn for baby knits! Rico Baby Merino 01 features 25 designs to suit little ones from 0 to 3 years made with the super soft Rico Baby Merino yarns, and the accompanying collection includes beautiful tools and haberdashery to create them. With jumpers, jackets, leggings, hats, headbands, socks, and more, this collection is the whole kit and caboodle of cuddly attire for babies and toddlers. Accompanying Baby Merino Bamboo Circular Knitting Needles and Baby Merino Bamboo Crochet Hook are designed to suit the yarn, and Organic Coconut Buttons make the perfect finishing touches. Rico Baby Merino yarns are 100% virgin wool and come in convenient 25 gram balls, perfect for smaller projects or for adding colourful details in gorgeous pastels and neutrals.

We hope you enjoy looking around the new site. Have a cosy weekend!

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  1. Hello all you makers enjoying the cold of a northern winter. I’m sweating it out in subtropics where sitting still and stitching leaves me dripping wet! Oh well. At least the garden is in ecstasy.
    Just one big question and request. When is sum one gunna publish a BIG book of Sophie Digard and her gob smackingly beautiful work. I mean a major publication…. or is there one already???? I for one, would go without food to be able to purchase one. Can you enlighten me? Thankyou. I drool over your emails which have such gorjus piccies, . It keeps me inspired while I beaver away at my stitching and making, here in Queensland down under. Thankyou….. Annie

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