Sophie Digard Brooches At Loop

Summer is blooming in London, and with it, our beautiful handmade Sophie Digard brooches are arriving too.

Sophie Digard Jonquille-Brooch-in-RR at Loop London

Sophie Digard Jonquil Brooches

These sell like hot cakes, because they look so pretty on a shawl. They would also be great for dressing up a plain canvas tote bag or summer coat.
They’re handmade from velvet, linen and raffia with crochet and small bits of embroidery.

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Making Magazine 3 projects at Loop London

Loop Loves Magazines!

Long Live Print!

Two weeks ago we invited you to peak at some of our latest books, which are part of our huge print section in the shop. This week we introduce you to some of the wonderful independently published magazines that have just come in! It’s a bumper week of beauty –  it’s such a joy to slowly turn the pages of a craft publication and savour the beautiful things we can make.

The last five years has seen a rise in smaller, independent periodicals for crafters. At Loop, we seek to bring you as many good new magazines as we can.

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Single-ply Spinni by Isager at Loop London

Spinni is here!

At Loop we try to balance your desire for new, exciting yarns with your need for reliable favourites. This can be tricky; our stock room is bursting, as we try to bring it all to you.

Isager Spinni at Loop London

Spinni in colours (L to R): 40s tweed, 22s tweed, 1s tweed and 26

Isager’s Spinni yarn has a foot in both camps. It’s new-to-us, but from a familiar stockist, Isager.

We used to carry Isager Tvinni yarn, which was similar in weight, colour and composition, however Spinni is a single-ply that is new to our shop.

We have long stocked our other beloved Isager yarns such as Highland Wool, Alpaca 1, Silk Mohair and Japansk Cotton. At one time we had Tvinni, in all its’ shades but it has been a while. There was a resounding cry, amongst its loyal followers, to get it back in. We listened, and have brought in all 51 colours of Isager Spinni to fill the need. Read more ›