Hippity-Hop! New Sock Pattern by Rachel Coopey

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Do you think that socks rock? We couldn’t agree more! After lusting after Blue Moon Fibre Arts beautiful sock yarn for years we are thrilled to now stock it at Loop. And who better to do this yarn justice than the sock specialist herself, Rachel Coopey, with her new pattern Hippity-Hop!

hippity-hop at Loop,London. walk. www.loopknitlounge.com

Her stunning new pattern Hippity-Hop has been designed exclusively for Loop using the Blue Moon Fibre Arts Socks That Rock Lightweight Fingering. Two skeins of the cherry red Mustang Sally make a knee length pair, while the cute ankle length only takes one. The colour ‘Going For Gold’ shown below is currently on its way to the shop- just let us know if you want notified when it is in stock!

This pattern is ready to buy as a physical copy via our online shop and as a PDF on Ravelry .

hippity-hop by Rachel Coopey at Loop,London in Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Socks That Rock 'Gold Rush' www.loopknitlounge.com

Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock in Mustang Sally. Loop, London www.loopknitlounge.com
Mustang Sally

Rather than two identical socks, you might have noticed that the pretty twisted stitch braid slants in the opposite direction on each foot. Rachel Coopey says that she likes it when socks mirror each other as the slight difference helps stave off the dreaded second sock syndrome!

Hippity-Hop by Rachel Coopey at Loop,London in Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Socks That Rock 'Mustang Sally' Main www.loopknitlounge.com .jpg

Although the Rachel chose some of the more subtle colours of Socks That Rock, she would, “love to see a pair of the knee high Hippity-Hop sock knitted in the Crazy Lace Agate or Fire on the Mountain…the pattern the colours would make when the stitch count changes…they would be some really special socks!”

Free Range Chickens
Free Range Chickens

And there really are some special skeins with amazing colour changes –

Fire On The Moutain. Top to Bottom - Garden Daze, Jumpin' Jellybeans, MadREAL
Fire On The Moutain. Top to Bottom – Garden Daze, Jumpin’ Jellybeans, MadREAL
Top - Beach Glass, Bottom - The Olive Branch.
Top – Beach Glass, Bottom – The Olive Branch.
Top- Aurora Borealis, Bottom - KerPLUNK
Top- Aurora Borealis, Bottom – KerPLUNK

And those with a more subtle colour change too…

Lenore and Black Bird
Lenore and Black Bird
Valentino and Pepe La Plume
Valentino and Pepe La Plume

Socks That Rock is tightly twisted which gives a real springy quality and great stitch definition. Made from high grade superwash merino it means soft and cosy socks too!
Hippity-Hop at Loop,London!

Ready to cast on for a pair of socks? Why not enter our giveaway to win a copy of the pattern – All you need to do is comment below and let us know why you think socks rock! This giveaway will close at midnight GMT on Wednesday 15th October when a winner will be chosen at random and announced next Friday. Please note, the winner will recieve a PDF copy of the pattern not a physical copy.

Also, congratulations to the winner of last weeks giveaway Sali Morris who has won a skein of Big Bad Wool Weepaca! She chose Water and says “It would be perfect to make a hat for my baby boy for winter, although all the colours are gorgeous.” Hooray!

We also have our own prize to celebrate… We are so honoured to be awarded the title of Best Knitting Shop in London and the South of England at the British Knitting Awards last night!
Our heartfelt thanks to all of you who voted and for everyones continued support.

Good luck and Happy Sock Knitting!

53 Comments on “Hippity-Hop! New Sock Pattern by Rachel Coopey

  1. Hand knitted Socks rock because they are the only thing that keep my feet toasty on crisp winter outdoor market days. Haven’t worn anything else in winter for years. Knit them, Love them, Wear them.

  2. Socks Rock! I have used this yarn for the past 4 years and I have quite a big stash of it.. I love them!

    The socks look gorgeous.. I agree about mirrored socks.. they are definitely a perfect solution to second sock syndrome! x

  3. Love, love the knee high socks. Beautiful. Been knitting with STR for years. Total fan of Loop, Rachael and STR..

  4. Hand knitted socks are the best!They’re so warm and you can knit them in whatever crazy colours you fancy! Love the colourful yarns above too. Fire on the mountain and Jumping Jellybeans are a little bit magical.

  5. Don’t usually go for knee socks but these are fabulous and the colours in the yarn would make for such a fun knit.

  6. Hand knitted socks really rock and keep you warm. Rachel Coopey socks are the only ones I make these days as they are so well written and I find I never get second sock syndrome as they always have something to keep your attention.

  7. Hand knitted socks are the perfect to-go project! And nothing compares to the luxury of wearing them. Another great pattern by Rachel.

  8. Handknitted socks just feel sooo niiiiiiice, and these are beautiful! Gorgeous colours and a lovely design. More Loopy loveliness :-)

  9. Rachel rocks with this new pattern. I love hand knitted socks and the way the yarn wraps so cosily around your toes. Mmmm

  10. I have only just learned how to knit socks so I would love the chance to be able to knit these beauties all the way up to my knees, how fab would that be.

  11. Hand knit socks rock! As a first project for a beginning knitter they are great, because by the end you have learned everything you need to know to make anything else you want.

  12. Socks are the perfect portable project. They fit easily into a bag for any unexpected knitting opportunity and a pair of hand knit socks are like caviar for the feet.

  13. Socks are fun to knit and a great way to try out new stitches. They also keep my feet warmer than regular shop bought ones. Bonus!

  14. Socks all the way up to the knees in MadREAl would be dynamic! All the colors are great and I could knit a sneaky pair in before Xmas gift-making begins in earnest!!

  15. I’ve just discovered the joy of hand knit socks. But Everytime I knit a pair someone begs for them and I have only one pair of my own . I have never done patterns socks and these ones at fun and funky and practical – a win win situation

  16. Everyone needs socks and most people love them – easy mini ones make the best Christmas stockings for my class at school.

  17. Hand knitted socks totally rock because I can take them with me as a project in the go, and once they’re done they keep my toes warm during chilly the chilly nights! And my husband loves them too :-) I especially love this yarn and think the combo of yarn and pattern here is amazing!!

  18. What gorgeous colour combinations! I have never knitted socks before, but I’d love to have a go – I would knit some for me in Valentino, to match a jacket I’m making for my little granddaughter! Thank you for your constant inspiration, and well done for your award, justly earned!

  19. Ohhhh, STR Rocks!!! The pattern and colors are perfect together. I’m 67 years young and ever since I learned to knit socks, my motto has been: Life is too short to wear dull socks!! I love color and you have the best ones on the planet!
    I love STR and I’ve bought a few..but they just get better and better. You make choosing IMPOSSIBLE. I wish I could get them all.
    Years ago, when CB radio’s were all the rave, my Sis had a 65 Mustang and her ‘handle’ was Mustang Sally…so that name is special to us.
    I would so love to win this yarn for my Sis!

  20. Congrats on your latest news. Wish you were here in Oz so I could visit in person rather than cyberspace.
    PS – I luv knitting socks-just finishing a pair for my niece.

  21. Socks rock because they are so wonderful to wear and fun to knit. Plus so many luscious yarns and colorways available (Blue Moon being a fav!). I’d love to make a pair in Fire on the Mountain. Love the pattern.

  22. Socks rock because they are so wonderful to wear and fun to knit. Plus so many luscious yarns and colorways available (Blue Moon being a fav!). I’d love to make a pair in Fire on the Mountain.

    Love the pattern!

  23. I have a sock addiction. STR feeds that addiction beautifully, with squishy skeins of juicy color. I give most of my socks away to loved ones. We all benefit from my obsession!

  24. I don’t care for sock patterns that spiral in the same direction. It looks unbalanced. And most of the time I can’t figure out how to make the reverse. (Unless I can find Cat Bordhi’s book that has the secret.) I’m excited that the pattern is mapped out for me and I do wear short socks so the length is also great!!

  25. Love Rachel’s patterns, my DH knits her socks for himself and would love the shorter length. I would go for knee highs in a crazy colour at to make me smile during the winter darkness.

  26. Hand knitted socks do, indeed, rock: portable knitting which transforms an everyday, needed item into treasured art.

  27. Love the Colors in this yarn, Love the pattern, and nothing makes you feel cozier than a nice warm pair of socks.

  28. I’ve just moved back to the UK from the tropics, so the novelty of being able to wear cosy, comfy, squooshy socks again is rocking my world!

  29. Gorgeous pattern would make socks perfect for my daughter walking her son to school on cold winter mornings. And the colours of STR yarn are positively edible, enough to lift anyone’s mood.

  30. There’s nothing like hand-knit socks to give the feeling of being valued and loved, wrapped in luxury and beautiful yarns worked into a unique and cosy, practical fabric. For the maker, they are a relatively fast, portable and enjoyable way of making something beautiful and useful.

  31. Socks give you a way to pop in a bit of personality to an outfit or to add a touch of surprise color. Plus, they keep your toes nice and toasty.

  32. Handknitted socks make the giver and receiver both feel pampered! I would love to try the knee high length with my new boots.

  33. Fantastic pattern, groovy mirroring, and I’ve just looked at Crazy Lace Agate, it would knit some amazing socks!
    I’m off to northern India over Christmas, what better a place to spend time knitting up some rocking socks for cool desert evenings?!? I could send pics ;-)

  34. Hand knit knee high socks rock because I can have hairy winter corned- beef legs going on underneath and still my legs look pretty!

  35. Knitting socks is so satisfying because you can have a portable project and be done within a couple of days. Plus, your feet are warmer!

  36. i love the mirrored images of the two socks. I’m glad you showed them in the gold color. I never would have chosen it but may give it a whirl after seeing them. Bright and cheerful for winter.

  37. My first ever Project (back when I was 13) were socks. I have always socks on the go and wear only hand knitted socks from October to March. When every of my fellow bike-to-work-riders is complaining about cold feet I just grin smugly :-)
    Since I am wearing more and more skirts and dresses I absolutely need more knee-high socks and this pattern would be perfect.

  38. Hand knitted socks are so great because they fit perfectly and keep your feet warm like no other socks. Besides they are fun to knit, the ideal project to work on while on the train (additional bonus is that I don’t mind the delays when I have a sock to knit ;) )
    Would love to cast on these knee high hippety hops immediately!

  39. I am wearing a pair of socks made from “Socks that Rock” at this very moment. For those who haven’t had a chance to knit with it, you’re in for a treat, on top of getting a great pair of handmade socks. Love the colors too!

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